Billy Ray Cyrus Apologizes

Billy Ray Cyrus apologized for not wearing a seat belt in his daughter’s shitty movie. I have a list of items I’m still waiting for him to apologize for, including:

Thought I’m totally sure about the last one.  I suspect he is some sort of android and you can track his technical updates via changes in his hair.  I suspect that back in the lab, scientists grafted part of Billy Ray v3.2 to mystery cells taken from the alien John Tesh and left over DNA from America’s most annoying pop stars (such as cash poor M.C. Hammer, Milli, Wang Chung, etc.) to create the new android hybrid Hannah Montana. Updates to this first version are being made and will be launched as Miley Cyrus’ solo career.

On a total side note, I often blame everything on Generation Y.  However, the tweens and children who are supporting these androids’ rise to power over all of us seem to be of a new, coddled and spoiled generation.  Are they Generation Z?  Poor copies of the shitty younger followers of Generation X?


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  2. OMG. i love your daughter Miley. she is so pretty and i wish i could be her. because it would be so awesome to have you as my but anyway i love you music and miley’s to. i also love watching you and miley in he show. much love to both of you

  3. hmmm, yes April this is Billy Ray Cyrus’ website. Thanks for visiting!

  4. allcyruses must die

    BR should apologize-for naming his daughter Noah. What the hell was that dork thinking? But then again, he most likely made her with his sister or mother so maybe it’s not too surprising after all.