Smartest Shows My Ass

Once again Yahoo doesn’t get pop culture. They’ve picked the 10 Smartest TV Shows. All I can say is that I agree with one. ONE. What the fuck?

All in the Family was a witty, smart, subversive show that pushed the boundaries of satire in new ways that made people think. It was genius. Beyond that, I can’t see how House (basically Quincy but Rude), the West Wing, Frasier, etc. can be considered all that smart. How about some shows that actually required people to think?

The Simpsons is hands down the smartest piece of television to ever exist. It gets pop culture, it gets high culture. It makes obscure references to literature, religion, politics, history, etc. that most people don’t get. It requires a breadth of knowledge from Kissinger’s resume to the Music Man.

Futurama is close. Just more specialized to SciFi but similar to the Simpsons.

Seinfeld provided us with the quantum theory of comedy. Larry David’s writing and twisted view of the world provided us with a groundbreaking series that changed the Sitcom.

The Twilight Zone provides us with modern morality tales that few other shows have.

Other mentions could include NYPD Blue, The Phil Silvers Show, Hill Street Blues, Arrested Development, Maude, The Gong Show…

Yahoo only seemed to have come up with what appear to be the smartest shows. No wonder why they’re having such trouble competing with Google.


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  1. virgomonkey

    What do all these posts have to do with dumb Americans (all 300 million). If you really want to learn about dumb Americans, you should read this.