Maxim – Shittiest Magazine of the Year (to date)

Let’s forget it’s lack of insight, interesting articles, good advice, attempts at intelligent discourse, attention to matters of substance, and lack of history. Maxim has now put all of this aside and decided to shoot to the front of the line for World’s Shittiest Magazine… The magazine published a review of the Black Crowes new album without hearing more than one song. Was it that the single was so bad they needed no more to form an opinion? No. The album was not yet available for preview to any publication.

Way to go Maxim! What next? Will you write the history of President Huckabee’s administration? Will you discuss the multiple-Oscar winning career of Ellen Page? Will you compare and contrast Transformers 3 to Transformers 2? Will you discuss he demise of Goldie Hawn? Will you do a 25 year retrospective on the career of the biggest selling recording artist of all time: Alicia Keyes? Oh wait, those things haven’t happened have they?

I’m glad to see you value the intelligence of your readers. Good job assholes.


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