Poor Poor Generation Y

I saw this video today and it made me want to gag. Poor poor Generation Y has to work hard in college, do things they dislike, go to class, buy books, and then have debt. Tough shit. Guess what, I’m 35 and I had to go through the same things. I had classes that bored me, professors that expected me to spend 10 hours a day reading and writing for them, I had a job, I had friends, I wanted to play video games, I didn’t sleep enough. And you know what? I got a fucking Master’s Degree, a job, and now I own a house.

Excuse me for having no sympathy. I came out of school into a recession and massive layoffs that shit all over the societal promises I grew up with. I was told that there will be no job security, social security, or raises for me. I was told that I was too lazy and disinterested to get anywhere in the world. I was told that my generation didn’t matter. So I worked my ass off harder than anyone else and got what I wanted. Just like my friends.

Generation Y, I have news for you. Your mom and dad are not going to write a letter or make a call and complain their way to your success. They’re not going to get you promoted at work to help your self-esteem. Suck it up. If you don’t like college, don’t go. Sometimes you have to go through things you don’t love so you can be galvanized by your experiences and learn how to deal with them.


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  1. I like this video. If the world changes, education should change too. I didn’t see this as whining, but as a case for change.

    Also, this professor made one of my favorite videos ever, about Web 2.0: http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/?p=84

  2. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
    Thank you! This is so true!

  3. Generation Y are such spoiled, superficial brats who expect things to be handed to them on a silver plate. At least my age group, Generation X worked their way up in the social and professional ladder and things truly paid off (especially in my own experience.) Generation Y, get up on your asses, instead of listening to all the emo, glam rap and that poppy fluff that is always on the airwaves, and start working your tails off instead of having your yuppie baby boomer parents do all the work for you.

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  5. So true. I am a recruiter, and can’t believe the hand holding this generation of P****ies need. It’s even worse here in Canada. Look at our medal count? This generation is just happy to be their, everyone wins attitude. Pure BS. These 20 years olds were brought up with Mommie and daddie, driving them to school, whined until they got what they wanted. Played baseball and hockey games with the attitude everyone wins.

    Wait until 2o years from now when China just walks in and takes what they want and this generation just bends over and take’s it up the *ss!

    • wow, yous are all so right too. I have one daughter who is a generation x as I am actually too but just barely, and then I have a daughter who is a generation y, but she was homeschooled by me and she was out working when she was 15 years old so she is not affected by what most of these gen y’ers are AND she even says this too about her age group!

  6. Amanda, 21 - Australia

    Unfortantly I could not view the video – but seriously don’t you have anything better to do with your time than rant and rave about generation Y.

    You can’t really think, that all gen Y are as pig headed and selfish as those you are talking about. I know plenty gen Y’s that are at uni studing and working their arses off with nothing to complain about.

    My personal opion of my generation is that we strive for the best, be it a job, security, money, power or material things. And those who hate us are just annoyed that they didn’t have what we have – enevitably that the are getting older and the world will continue with out them.

    I am pissed off that some can rant and rave and even use a hurtful word as hate towards a large group of young adults.

    You all should be a shamed.

    • Your reply is exactly what the ‘haters’ as you seem to be implying are talking about. You can’t accept criticism without talking back. You also have a tendency to become irrationally defensive when a legitimate fault is brought to your attention. You refuse to believe that your poop stinks. You expect everyone to pander to YOUR wants and desires and woe to ye who says a hurtful word which bruises your fragile ego. Guess what, nobody but your parents really cares about how you feel (and there really isn’t anything wrong with that,) and you’re not special… you’re just like everybody else, (not everyone gets to be a celebrity when they grow up, so get over it.) Your teachers weren’t allowed to correct your behavior, or otherwise discipline you in anyway. Contrary to popular belief, discipline is not a form of cruelty, it is nothing more than enforcing the consequences of being stupid as opposed to the get out of jail free, enabling style of today’s apologetic authority figures. In the non politically correct world outside of school, bosses are allowed to criticize your work, in fact their survival depends upon their ability to do so effectively. It really doesn’t matter how good you think you are. What really matters, is what the customer thinks, and what your boss thinks. Because the customer’s opinion is what determines whether or not they buy and whether or not your employer makes enough money to stay in business and more importantly pay you. Your boss’s opinion matters because they are the ones who write your paychecks. The real world is not WANT based or even NEED based, it is RESULTS based so start getting used to it and start producing results instead of excuses or start grooming your parents for a long long period of you living in their basement. As for your “hateful” comments about us not having anything better to do than ‘rant.’ What the hell are you doing? Don’t you have anything better to do? And don’t bother with telling me about life leaving me behind until ten years from now. I have a feeling that I will still be plugging away at a real job making real money and living in my own house while you will most likely be unemployed and living in your mom’s basement, spouting excuses upon the internet (assuming you haven’t found yourself a well-off middle aged sugar daddy by then.) Oh yeah and most of us find your sense of entitlement offensive and are not the least bit ashamed to say so.

      • I can sense some hypocrisy bobsyruncl. You too have clearly nothing better to do with your time than posting on some random blog. In addition, your incoherent, poorly written rant makes me question your intelligence and sanity.

  7. Why? The baby boomers and their Gen Y kids spend too much and are a large cause of the global economic meltdown. A recent article in the NY Times showed that they don’t understand that they have to cut back their spending now.

    Why are you upset that I CAN rant about Gen Y? It seems to me that freedom of speech means that sometimes people get their feelings hurt. Maybe if more people called them out, this generation would wake up and figure their lives out.

    There is nothing wrong with striving for the best, but you have to realize that you need to earn it. You don’t get it handed to you right away. I’m not pissed at what you have, I’m upset at how you got it and the sense of entitlement that goes along with easy living.

  8. Worse than anything having to do with being handed stuff, is that chilling response to people excercising thier freedom of speech. Using ‘hateful language’? Its called colorful, I saw nothing truly hateful on this board, unless you dont know how hateful humans can get. And this is what freedom is, the right to say such things on a thread. And the last remark is scary…you should be ‘shamed’..uh oh. Not ‘ashamed’ but ‘shamed’. Like the trend thats all the rage in this generation especially in certain countries where they shame people out of behaviors becuz they dont like laws and they want to make society this perfect place (everybody wins)? You guys are mental and spiritual communists and you dont even know it. But that is what the institutionalization of PC has done..its not thier fault they were raised on it.
    I know they are being hard on Y in this thread and I dont agree that Y gets thier education handed to them or anything else. But I do think there has been way too much control and coddling growing up. You are dangerous to be honest because the powers that be can control you way to easily. But thanks for showing some initiative with voting for Obama. Maybe you are just young. The kids that were worse seemed to be like 20 to 25 in 2002 or so. THEY sucked really bad. They were horrible little terrors. Little trolls from hell and they went right along with the breaking down of our rights during the 2000’s. Maybe these younger kids wont be as bad. I am a Gen Xer who is 37 by the way. You have to understand that Gen X thought they had a whole world finally settled into being a better place in the 1990s and just as we were protesting and calling out corporations on thier shit, Bush came in and it all went out the window. Everyone radical that just wanted change for the better got marked a terrorist and was then forced to waste thier energy on this administrations bs. We feel screwed after living under the boomers we felt like the world might be our and then the war and now its ‘your old, move along’ and the boomers seeming to just glow over the gen Y kids. Its like we are always getting shelved…but like I said, as long as we are RID OF those other kids from like the late 90’s and early 2000’s, maybe we can get a good thing going again. How old would they be now? Like in thier late 20s early 30’s. Goood, I cant wait until they hit that scary 2nd adolesence, like from 29 to 33. That had to be worse than teenage years ever were. I cant wait to watch them go thru it. What is that early Gen Y? or are they Gen Y and these are millenials? Whatever (a saying we made popular for sure).

  9. Gen y are scum…they literally ruined life on this planet.

  10. Generation Y'er

    haha all the past generations are blaming y just for being born. who got us into a recession? who not generation y.

    yall want to talk shit about us, maybe because you never had to deal with all the bullshit we are going thru.
    the majority of my friends have never lived with both parents, even fewer have ever lived with them, most of us aside from the rich kids have had to be our own parents sense elementary school. Working, Helping pay bills, doing homework, taking care of the house, and taking care of younger siblings has been part of my daily routine ever sense i was a child. Every year during my childhood the mainstream media has told me we are all going to die before we are even adults (Y2K, 9/11, and now 2012)
    Also generation X and the baby boomers fucked up the economy so bad its almost like theres no reason to go to college anymore. Is this nation even going to have any jobs to offer us in 4 years? at this rate, no.

    college debts and loans are the last thing on my mind right now.
    im much more focused on surviving and being able to make it to the next day. been this way as long as I can remember.

    so stop talking shit. you guys had your opportunity to make things better and you fucked everything up worse, and now you want to blame us. You took away our childhoods, made every single aspect of life more stressful for us than it ever was for you and now your bitching at us for you fucking up. Even if gen Y sucks, you created it. If you think Gen Y sucks so much I think that should say something about you previous generations and your pathetic incompetence.

    • We aren’t blaming you for the way things are. We are blaming you for the way you behave. Come back in twenty years and talk trash after your turn at the helm. Until then… sit down shut up and color.

  11. Generation Y'er

    Also another thing. People on here like to talk about gen y like they are all spoiled brats.
    Thats just a lie. Thats only the rich kids. Same as past generations. A few of you were rich kids too.

    Ive had to work for everything ive ever had, never had anything given to me, always having shit taken away from me. People like me represent the majority of generation y. You guys as usual are talking about the kids who come from the top 10% richest families and forgetting everyone else and clumping us in with those brats.
    We (non rich kid) generation Y’ers hate those little fuckers too and even if they represent us in the media, they don’t represent us in the real world. There a small minority that gets all the attention.

    • “Also another thing. People on here like to talk about gen y like they are all spoiled brats.”

      Only because you are. Just because there are people more spoiled than you doesn’t mean that you are a perfect angel. And by the way… I was not a rich kid.

  12. Hey, don’t blame Gen X. Everything you’re talking about we lived through. Ever hear of latch key kids? The economy is screwed up due to the baby boomers. they overspent and taught their kids to overspend.

    But don’t try the “you don’t know me and what I’ve been through,” crap. Generation X dealt with it already and we didn’t complain. We’re the ones who are going to have to fix the baby boomers mistakes and then take care of you guys too.

    • Preach on. This is not the world’s first recession. Some of us even have the souvenir T shirts to prove it.

      “We’re the ones who are going to have to fix the baby boomers mistakes and then take care of you guys too.”

      Idiocy really does breed idiocy. The Boomers couldn’t screw things up enough in their lifetimes so they trained their little rat bastards to carry the torch. Luckily for us, Generation Whine is too lazy to proactively destroy. Their methods are more passive and purely for show. They only do enough to impress their ex-hippie parents.

  13. Dylan, despite the obvious error of massive generalization, I think you actually make your best point on that other blog, ‘Deeper in me than I.’

    Judging from my own personal experience, your characterization of Gen Y as being imbued with the idealistic values of the Boomer generation as well as the “1980s consumerism,” is accurate in many cases. However, I would argue that the consumerist tendencies are somewhat inevitable given the culture of contemporary society, especially considering that most Gen-Yers haven’t lived long enough to mature in a meaningful way. Nearly everyone is a pop-culture sponge in their youth.

    The point has been made that at least part of the blame for any shortcomings of a generation should be directed to preceding generations. It seems to me that the Boomers are the ones that you are actually pissed off at, and I would share that sentiment. The environment is crippled possibly past the point of no return, the boomer big business owners collude with the government to widen the wealth disparity, unapologetic nationalism has killed countless innocent people overseas and pissed off even more, and you can bet the boomers will still have their palms out as they retire in droves, asking for the entitlements that have already drowned us in debt.

    I would say Gen X’ers have more in common with Y than you’d like to believe. We both (now) know recession, disillusionment, broken families, and sacrifice. I’m sure the collective sob from the Y’ers will soon subside. More importantly though, I’ve begun to see (and be a part of) a growing manifestation of idealism and awareness in the form of community engagement, caring for the environment, branching out to other cultures, and slimming down our oversized consumerist tendencies. The Boomers may have blabbed on about nature while they lolled around on a perpetual mushroom and LSD trip, but we’re actually doing something about it.

    We’re all pissed off about the state of the world (at least the people who can actually do something about it), so we’re better off working together to clean up the shit and violence we’ve inherited from the Boomers, and by the way, it’s not going to happen by electing a ‘nice’ president (as we’ve seen: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/02/09/state_secrets/)

    If we’re going to be honest and objective, though, the whole exercise is futile, since you can’t judge anyone’s character based on the “era” of their birth.

    Regardless, I’m hoping that my generation (I was born in 1985) realizes that the government only exists to shove a firm velvet covered fist up our collective ass, and has been cheered on for the past century as it’s done so. Republican, democrat, doesn’t matter – it’s the nature of the beast – They cause problems, and then make it worse trying to fix it. If we fail to recognize that then we suffer from the greatest delusion of all.

  14. Well of course I’m generalizing a bit. Often I’m ranting here. Any much of what I say about Gen Y is based on my experiences with a handful of them who do act like horrible, horrible people. At the same time, I have met many who are good kids and work hard.

    I think overall, I’m mostly upset that the values and ethos of my generation were pushed aside so quickly. To be honest, I’ve dealt with the way of the Boomers for so long, I feel like it’s Gen X’s time to rule the culture. The problem is we didn’t get that and were skipped over.

    I’m not a big fan of Gen Y culture. Be it the commercialism or the lack of cynics. I notice often that my Gen X friends haven’t gotten sucked into the recession like other generations. I feel like it’s time to let us run the show for a while. Things might turn out a lot better!

  15. Do not be dismayed by the very typical gen y defensiveness displayed on this thread….exposing them to the light of truth is a noble endeavour for a man of honorable character.

  16. wow, I can’t believe how stupid you all are. “Why cant everyone be like me,” “It’s everyone else’s fault, not mine”

    get a life a$$holes

    • Say something with merit or go back to coloring. You don’t have to knock the discussion here to justify not listening to what we have to say.

  17. Logistaplyst

    I just saw this video and am utterly sickened to the pit of my stomach by the whiney morons portrayed. What they were saying basically comes down to this “Oh no, University takes time, money and effort on MY PART and since I would rather spend my time on my mobile phone, e-mail, face-book, listening to music, watching TV and acting like a selfish git, I’m going to complain how hard everything is.”

    Don’t give me any crap how what you’re going through is so different & unique, people have been going to university since the eleventh century . Sure as technology changes the delivery of university services changes, BUT THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING. I don’t know of any University anywhere that doesn’t have web based learning, Online Libraries, Lectures and tutorials published on subject web pages, Distance education. But what ever changes are made YOU STILL HAVE TO STUDY!!!!!

    Believe it or not, and if you really, really try to think outside you own personal selfish little world you may realise that Students have had little sleep and spare time for centuries.

    Gen Y cry for individuality and freedom in everything is bogus. In some instances in (what I like to call life), you are a number and need to work within a system,

    Here’s are few notables from the video clip,

    Class size is 118 & majority of lecturers don’t know my name- Yes its a lecture Hall, what do you want your own personal lecturer to hold your hand???

    I Complete only 49% of readings – that’s YOUR failure, don’t cry about it to me

    26% of subject is relevant to my life – Oh No the university has to create 118 different versions of a subject. ‘Fluid Mechanics for Mary’ and ‘A History of 19th Century Colonial India that has special relevance for Bob’ etc – Give me a break You Study the Subject and take what you need from it. Not everything is about You, there are 118 people in the lecture hall. Or if you are so out of touch with the subject then DONT DO IT.

    I Read 1281 face book profiles, watch TV & create 500 emails – If you would rather do this than study then that’s YOUR failure, don’t cry about it to me

    I don’t care of you are Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y or Gen i, this attitude is pathetic. GROW UP GET USED TO IT.

  18. While I agree that some of the “messages” in that video made me facepalm, I still have to highlight that instead of just sitting around and riding along on a (in my opinion) highly outdated system of education, Generation Y is trying to change things to make it better for themselves.

    The current system of education is still basically rounded about the principles from the Industrial Age, when the new “exact same education for everyone” ideal came around to pass. Not everyone learns the same as everyone else, and I pride myself in things outside of the norm.

    To me, sitting on my *** for 7+ hours of the day, never actually learning a practical way to apply the concepts in school isn’t the way that I want to be spending my youth. I want to learn! Don’t get me wrong. I just want to learn what interests me, or, at the least, some sort of real-life situation where I’ll need to find the square root of pie times 8 divided by 11 to the 20th power.

    Not everyone wants to be an engineer or a doctor or a scientist or (insert professional career here). Whether or not *anyone* wants to acknowledge it, some people are better suited and probably would rather work in a factory or a Starbucks.

    We want individuality. We want to do what we love.

    • Of course we want to do what we love, but often that requires us being offered a wide variety of information and things we don’t love on first try to figure that out. If we only did what we wanted to do, the world would be far worse off. Granted, I’ve never used a lot of what I’ve learned in school in the “real world” but it’s interesting how I use Algebra all the time. I HATED algebra in high school, but now I find it incredibly useful…

    • You are not only riding along, you are complaining about the end of your free ride. The principles of learning have not changed. Most of the complaints revolve around the effort required. As for ‘doing what you love.’ Making that happen is your problem, not mine. No one is going to pay you to surf the net, text friends or IM. If it isn’t productive and in demand, don’t expect a paycheck. As for individuality. Fine, be yourself, but don’t expect to get a cookie for it and don’t throw a fit when people fail to pat you on the back for doing the same thing everyone else is doing. Being an independent individualist means being independent, which is the opposite of the attention starved traits exhibited by people who are desperate for validation and a free ride and who are offended by those who don’t give it to them.

  19. I actually got to this page by googling “I fucking hate Gen Y and wish it would implode”. I was born in 1985, most of my friends were born in the same year and outside of work I’m generally socializing with people around the same age. I just secretly loathe ‘us’. Very secretly. It is mostly about facebook, iphones, etc. and if it’s about more than that, it’s the vapid sham that is ‘indie culture’. People can’t live for themselves, it’s always about propping up an image, whether the latter is shallow through and through or masquerading as something original. Independent, my ass.

    And could any generation have produced a more fucking obnoxious celebrities? I think there must be more useless pop stars around than ever before. I’m not wild about Gen X and dude culture either, but I hate the Baby Boomers much more (they were self-obsessed first) so I suppose it would be Gen X as the best of the three.

  20. I couldn’t agree with you more! I found this site a bit late but I’ve experienced some of those loathing symptoms of the generation that follows us. Having had the opportunity to work with and train several Gen-Y kids in the workplace, I’ve noticed the significant differences between our generation and theirs. Perhaps not all of Gen-Y is like this but the ones that I have encountered also seem to also manage to blur the lines between “opinion” and “fact.” Even when clear cut evidence is practically shoved down their throats, they still manage to pull off the line, “Well I don’t believe it and that is my opinion.” My friend, who is a college professor had this same issue with a student, lol.

    *sigh* I had a discussion with a fellow GenX-er about this and he mentioned the whole “Precious Little Snowflake Syndrome.” Oh how true that is. GenY was born and reared in an era where they were told that their opinions are correct no matter what thanks to those absurd psychologists that have encouraged baby boomer parents to “coddle” their kids because they are precious in every way and as a result some so-called “genius” (I use the term loosely) had to create “Every one’s a winner” type of games and activities. So thanks to the advice of these psychologists we have parents that do so much as challenge the school boards, have rules and regulations changed ALL because they can’t fathom that their child should learn any sense of “humility.”

    Amusing thing is that those same psychologists have actually admitted that their approach wasn’t so great as they are now experiencing the repercussions.


  21. Hahaha, these pussies better pray their precious government and obama doesn’t fail (too late) or they will ball up under a coffee table crying for someone to take care of them. Gimmy Gimmy Gimmy. Health care, college, a job, food, clothes, shelter.

  22. Oh wow…what is wrong with you people?

    It DOES cost too much money to go to college, what’s the point of getting an education if I have to take out massive loans just to pay said education back? Inherently I’m not bettering my life as I’m not making a real profit. All my money ends up going towards loans and bills, and eventually some crappy suburban home that I’m going to hate myself and die in. Aren’t I basically a slave?

    On time: Indeed we spend much too much time doing things that are inherently…a waste of time. Is it wrong that Generation Y wants to get more out of an experience for less time? We all have finite lives and want to have as much time as we can. It’s only imperative for the survival of our species, in my opinion, that we learn to get things done in less amounts of time; hence why cars/planes/trains/boats/rockets were invented.

    As for the workload…they really force you to learn some inane things in college. For example, I’m currently enrolled in Math for the Liberal Arts. It’s basically an abstract form of algebra that combines symbols and ideas instead of numbers. Why am I learn this? I’m going into film making…Am I going to remember this in 10 years time? 20? I can’t even remember what I learned last Tuesday to be honest.

    The curriculum is outdated! We live in an outdated society Generation X! I’m sorry that you don’t wish to hear that, but it’s simply true The baby boomers waste tax money on things that only make their lives better. Just turn on the tv and tell me how many of the commercials we see on tv are marketed toward young adults or even Generation X? None of them. The boomers and Generation Jones don’t want to spend money on our future, they don’t want to spend money on a universal health care program, they don’t even want to spend money on a proper education system. Why? Because everything revolves around them and their future comes before, sadly, even their own kids’ future. Don’t believe me? My parents just spent 18000 dollars on a new drive, yet constantly whine about whether or not they’ll be able to pay the bills as well as insist that I apply for scholarships, grants, and get a job to pay for college. Now I have absolutely no problem with this idea and rather like the idea of support myself. I believe you obtain more satisfaction when you’re the only one supporting your own goal. However…in the current times we’re living, finding a job is pretty impossible. I applied for financial aid, but my parents make too much and all I got was 1200 dollars…what the hell am I supposed to do with that? That will pay for gas and books, maybe.

    Generation Y wasn’t given anything meaningful Xers, open your goddamn eyes. We were given, what? Trophys? playstations? a tv for our room? But we weren’t give a future by the boomers, they fucked us over as well and we’re JUST as pissed about it; hence the complaining you hear in this video and probably in the future for a long time.

    I don’t think any of you people understand a thing about Generation Y. Have you ever met anyone in my generation? All of these stereotypes are actually embarrassing and YES hateful. If you think the context of the words you’re using is simply “colorful” think again. You don’t have to swear to be intolerant, exclusive, nasty, and hateful, last time I checked.

    I’m from Generation Y and pretty unconcerned with your hateful attitude towards us. if you want to make this a war, find have at it. Remember though, there are more of us than you…and the boomers LOVE us because we’re their “special” kids.

    You’re only fucking yourselves over by shoving us aside, why not join us and overthrow the Boomers? Oh wait you’re all too busy bitching and fighting on a blog.

  23. Anyone can find the worst of the worst in any generation, which is basically what’s in this video. Go talk to some human beings and try to learn about the outside world. You’re not going to find it from the computer like your parents pretended to find it from the tv ( and media pundits like Glenn Beck.)

    This post is embarrassingly stupid and ill researched. To the original blogger: Get a life.

  24. And for the record, we’re only in our 20s (I’m 21) can’t you cut us some slack?

    We’re learning what the world is about and we’ll be just fine without your irritating and ill researched commentary.

  25. From this board can I infer that Generation X is filled with a bunch of hateful, spiteful people?

    No. Stereotyping is for low class, low educated, morons. Get a life, all of you.

  26. Haha, I remember Generation Xers whining on 20 something. Reality Bites… The Baby Boomers where complaining how Gen X has everything handed to them on a Silver Platter.

    blah, blah, blah. The older generations need to gain some perspective and evaluate their own lives instead of bitching at the younger generations.

    I had to school in the snow, uphill both ways… Didn’t you?

  27. Btw, I’m a X|Y tweener. Yay.

  28. Scott Johnson

    I like how this guy compares his experience with graduating into a recession to ours, the Y generation.

    What a laugh.

    That’s like comparing my experience with those from the great depression.

  29. I am between Generation X and Generation Y.
    Generation X mess up Generation Y with all fucking around.
    BE GROW-UPS… YOU GUYS ARE IN YOUR 40’s (and early 50’s)
    Listen up: Generation Y is too young to mess up things.
    Generation X is in Control right now.

  30. gen y are the worst–they are just idiots jerks clueless ignorant brats who run around texting all day– they are so bad….people put gen x down….gen x was at least laid back, nice…gen y is jsut full of idiots and teenyboppers…its really bad…

  31. Hey, I was born in 1979 a GenX and GenY year. I don’t believe in having a hateful attitude toward any generation. I hear the X/Y rift. I predict this: how ready are Xers and Yers for Generation Z. GenYers will be complaining about GenZ having a silver spoon in 20 years. I’m getting up my ass, going to school and work. Same world for all generations. I study both generations all the time. Hope this helps.

  32. I think the OP is extremely self-serving…and many of the subsequent posters. “Boo hoo I did it I’m 35 I have a degree I worked hard and was in debt and you should all do it too because I had to”…how is this productive AT ALL? It’s not a poor thing to stand up for change within the education system (esp. postsecondary) and whether Generation X or Y or Z had to “go through it” as well is irrelevant because we can ALL agree that it is flawed…and too expensive, and since some of you like to mention colour, monochromatic. Obviously a bitterness is there because the more things change for the better the more past generations wish they had those opportunities. The same behaviour I’ve seen for technology and especially social change. Angelo’s right that Gen. Y will resent Gen. Z in 20 years for being “spoon-fed” and indeed Gen X’s parents NO DOUBT called them the same (because Gen X did have opportunities the generation before them did not — this is conveniently left out).

  33. Gen Y is the most arrogant, pompous, narcissistic generation I’ve ever observed. Not only do they think their shit don’t stink, but they have the audacity to criticize YOU when THEY are the ones that need to be criticized. To blunt it bluntly, Gen Y is the generation of false hope, false promises, and delusional idiots. If you ever have a boss from Gen Y god help you.

  34. I’m a Gen X’er and I taught many Gen Y’s in the public school system. Now I work with many of them in a corporate setting and they are mostly worthless. Sure, there are some of them that are responsible, reliable, hard-working people, but they are in the minority. For the most part the criticisms of Gen Y (poor work ethic, coddled by their parents, everyone has to get a medal/be a winner in sports, no one can say anything negative about them or it is deemed “hate speech”) are true. This is not just the older generations picking on the younger ones. This is what happens when the family structure breaks down and rapid changes in society bring instability. Personal responsibility goes out the window.

    So, I would like to say thank you to the Baby Boomers. Most of you blew it when raising your kids. It was probably too tiring to actually teach them how to behave so you opted out. Maybe more of you should have stayed home to raise your children as opposed to going to work (much easier than raising a child, by the way) because you just had to have the latest model BMW. And you were so idealistic in the 1960s…

    Time will tell. But if the past 20 or so years is any indication of the social contributions that Gen Y will leave us, don’t expect much for the history books.

  35. Browsing on growing income disparity between generations, I came across this passionate and somewhat subjective article. To provide a balancing opinion to this discussion, I would like to give a reality check for those of you who are bashing the work ethics and commitment of Generation Yers (As you hopefully guessed by now, I am one of them).

    Generation Y is the most educated generation despite the fact they faced highest tuition rates in modern history. As a result of high education rates amongst the ranks of young workers, the value of the college or university education itself dropped significantly and became more less standard for most entry level jobs.

    To summarize, Generation Yers have not only paid more and received less for their education, but also lost income by delaying their careers.

    If you look at the workplace reality, you will see that Generation Yers are often forced to settle for jobs with unfair or no compensation (internships) that promise little career growth and offer zero mentorship and development. What kind of workplace enthusiasm are you expecting from us?