Another Sign NPR is Totally Out of Touch

I used to listen to NPR and stopped because, in part, I bought Sirius and I realized I could, forever, dump local FM radio. Another reason I am glad I could stop listening to NPR is that it’s totally out of touch with reality. Now, I’m not talking in terms of politics or coverage. I don’t think they’re biased towards Israel or the PLO. I don’t think they’re left wing. I’m not one of those nuts.

I think NPR has no idea what people under the age of 55 think about anything. Case in point, NPR published an article on cursing lately. You can read that article here. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Done? Ok, since when is suck or stupid a curse word? Suck hasn’t been considered a bad word since 1965. Piss, damn, and hell were barely considered curse words when I was a teenager in the 1980s. Is NPR programming for my grandma? Apparently they think that “stupid butt” is a curse! It’s not like someone saying motherfucker or asshole. Come on NPR, get your shit together. The only other person who thinks suck is a curse word is that mutant Katie Couric.


2 responses to “Another Sign NPR is Totally Out of Touch

  1. Since kids learn swear words from their parents, I hate to think what our kid’s first word is going to be.