Let’s Go New York

Today should be opening day (unless it rains again) for my beloved New York Yankees. The Daily News featured a wonderful article about the wonderful life of Yankee Stadium. The Yankees are relying on some young arms and a potent line up. Some experts think they won’t make the playoffs, I say let’s win the division and embarass the Red Sox this year. I agree with Hank, Red Sox Nation my ass. It’s a bunch of bandwagon idiots who would root for the Kansas City Royals if they were winners. It’s a myth. Now the Yankees’ Evil Empire, that’s real and something to be proud of.

On another note, the New York Rangers are trying to climb the ranks of the Eastern Conference with just three games left. The Rangers are trying to make the playoffs for the third year straight (after a LONG dry stretch) and won a a thriller against the Pens last night.


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