New York Rangers and the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Living in the south, I often hear a lot about ACC basketball. In fact, I live in the center of ACC country and constantly hear about March madness. Now that that nonsense is over, we can focus on the real tournament worth covering: the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That being said my beloved New York Rangers are leading their first round series with the New Jersey Devils 2-0. The thing that is most frustrating to me right now is that television coverage of the NHL is SO bad that I’m not able to watch all the games.

The lameness that is Versus (thanks ESPN for dropping hockey… assholes) has forced me to be a little more creative. I’ve found a great blog run by the New york Times that is not only covering the playoffs but also offered a very cool link today. Go here for a treasure-trove of information.

Let’s go Rangers, I hope to see more of you on television in the second round.


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