Leave it to the French…

The French know art, cooking, how to relax, etc. One thing they don’t seem to get is freedom of expression. Once again the French are trying to ban certain speech they don’t like. It started with the banning of religious symbols in schools and now they want to ban the promotion of extreme thinness. What next, let’s ban offensive political speech? It’s funny how so many Americans get upset with the French and Europeans, but it’s for all the wrong reasons. Their stance on the Iraq war wasn’t offensive but this sure is.


2 responses to “Leave it to the French…

  1. I hate all the media fascination with extreme skinniness myself and think it promotes body image issues, but this is going too far. It is similar to that proposed law in Alabama that would keep overweight people from eating at certain restaurants — just the flip side of the same coin. This seems like something that would be impossible to legislate anyway, just a knee jerk reaction that politicians everywhere are so good at.

    Now, if they would legislate against the media worship of moronic celebrities, that’s a law I could get behind!

  2. The problem is that for some reason in Europe, it’s very easy to legislate like this. Plus, th Europeans seem to like it.