Something I’d be Happy to Pour My Tax Dollars Into

My wife and I are new parents. Five weeks, two days, 17 hours and 45 minutes or so at the time of writing this. What does that mean? It means we’re tired. All the time. Every single second of the day is tired. This morning Shannon said to me that we could use three or four people to raise our one baby (he looks cute in the pictures, but it can be deceiving at 3am). One serious thing she said to me this morning was that she had a new found respect for single parents. I thought about it for a second and totally agree.

A recent news article on CNN said that single parents cost U.S. tax payers over $100 billion a year. Weirdo fringe groups are using this study (and I believe they sponsored it) to encourage the government to encourage programs supporting marriage. There is so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to begin. Let’s see:
1) The government has NO PLACE in the lives of private citizens. It should not encourage marriage in any way, shape, or form. That decision rests solely in the hands of private citizens.
2) Being a single parent doesn’t make people bad. It doesn’t mean they need to be fixed. It doesn’t mean that they are worse than a two parent household. It means they have it harder than the rest of us.
3) I’d gladly give my taxes to helping these people. What does help mean? It means money for food, housing, childcare, and health insurance.
4) Remember what the national debt was when W came to office? I think it was, hmmm let me see. ZERO. Now it is an obscene amount that I can’t fathom. Go look at it here. What if we took some of the trillions of dollars spent on a pointless war, tax cuts for the oil companies, etc. and spent it on single parents and their children? The same conservative groups that bitch and moan about families falling apart and the amount of money that single parent households cost the government, these same assholes piss money away on war and corporate tax breaks. It would be nice if they pulled their heads out of their asses and got their priorities straight, wouldn’t it? Nine trillion dollars could go a long way.


2 responses to “Something I’d be Happy to Pour My Tax Dollars Into

  1. I think you actually mean that the *deficit* was zero (or close to it) when George took office. Ed Hall explains the difference in the Debt Clock link you posted.

  2. You might be right. Regardless, we were doing a hell of a lot better before Bush came into office. His legacy will be a pointless war and the biggest economic meltdown in sometime. Great job!