Refs Steal Game 2 from the Rangers

It’s obvious to me who te NHL wants to win the series between the Rangers and the Penguins. The poor officiating is so biased to help the Pens. While they call the obvious penalties in favor of the Rangers, they keep calling weak penalties on the Rangers. The NHL wants Crosby to hoist the Cup, it’s so damn obvious. The worst call was the quick whistle on Straka’s goal in the third period. That goal should have tied the game, instead it saves the Pens from shifting momentum.

Let’s hope the officiating looks better when the series shifts to MSG.


2 responses to “Refs Steal Game 2 from the Rangers

  1. do you really think that the players would have been so calm if it was an early whistle? The play was whistled dead when the ref lost sight of it. Unlike the second period when 8 of the 10 players were piled on top of Fleurry. and if the refs/NHL were trying to give it to the Pen’s, why not call the penalties when Crosby is getting mugged? NY Ranger fans are worse than Philly fans. quit your crying and play- we’d like some competition to tune us up for the western conference!!!

  2. The players were yelling at the refs about that whistle. I don’t know a person who isn’t a NBC comentator or a Pens fan who didn’t think that whistle blew too quick. That includes many non-Rangers fans who all said that the puck never stopped moving, you have to give it a chance to squirt out.

    Crosby hasn’t been mugged at all. If he’s looked at funny, a penalty gets called. It would be nice if the Rangers didn’t have to play against the refs as well as the Pens.