Miley Cyrus: Shitty Role Model Part Deux

Again, I have to ask what America is thinking considering this creature from the 1980s child to be a role model?? Does seriously believe that Miley Cyrus, inbred creature from the Black Lagoon, is going to be anything but an overly-sexed teenager? Her father’s mullet along should tell you all you need to know.

Get over it people, she’s a white trash teenager who is bound to make poor decisions. If you don’t explain that to your kids and they follow her like the second coming of Jim Jones you’re getting what you deserve. Maybe you shouldn’t have allowed this cult in your house in the first place.   These two should have never made it past Celebrity Fit Club 12.


5 responses to “Miley Cyrus: Shitty Role Model Part Deux

  1. profileofadipshit

    To be fair, he’s not the WORST role model out there. And what do you really expect from that degree of white trash? I can only imagine he’s not outdone anyone’s expectations.

  2. Maybe he’s not, I just don’t understand why these same people who mocked him for the mullet now let their kids watch him. Stupid baby boomers!

  3. billybobjoehoe

    wow… you must be a really angry person, I mean I dont like her, but what the hell did they do to you. How can you call Billy Ray Cryus white Trash when hes rich living in a mansions im assuming is alot bigger then your house. Are you jealous of him? He’s very talented and many people love his music I personally don’t care for it and im guessing you don’t. But don’t be hateing on someone you don’t even know because your life sucks balls and your a cum guzzling, ball squeezing, butt licking, rhinosours fucker. Thank you.

    • allcyruses nust die

      The above poster must be a crackhead to think BR Cyrus has talent. Hell, my asshole has more musical talent than that hillbilly shithead. And just because somebody lives in a mansion doesn’t mean they aren’t trash. Now personally, I think the whole Cyrus family is the product of inbreeding-the results speak for themselves. Make no mistake-none of them have any talent and they have even less class. They’re just lucky a lot of brain dead dumbasses wasted their money on their stupid, useless shit to make them obscenely wealthy. Achy breaky heart indeed.

  4. yes i totally agree—they suck…omg why the hell is miley cyrus even famous…she has no seems if you want ot be famous…you have to be the child of a celebrity and be remotely ok looking not even that…or just f*k someone and get lucky…the cyruses suck….they are horrible…people who actually like them are really stupid…