North Carolina Cult = Awesome Opportunity to Mock

So apparently if I want to go to Carrboro, there is another menace besides the SUV driving environmentalists, judgemental hipster hippies, creepy dancing convicts, and the stupid rules of conduct at the Weave:  namely the idiotic Hooping Cult. Yes I said cult, and I’m not the originator of this idea (though the more I read and think about it, the more I agree with it). Shannon sent me a story regarding the hoopers and some anti-hoop posters up around the town. My favorite part is that the Carrboro police were discussing that posters were put up around town, like this is something new. Every single telephone pole, light pole, etc is awash in posters for shitty bands, ganga fests, love ins, etc. However, should one start to have a little satire or criticism, it’s a job for the police because someone’s feelings might be hurt. The posters are “hateful.” How about this? Toughen up and get a sense of fucking humor!

Wait wait loyal readers, it gets better! The guy that put up the posters, wrote the paper in response! It’s nice to see sarcasm and angst fight back in a town full of too many good fucking vibes! When everyone is engaged in behavior that is awesome or cool or right, doesn’t that create a horrible paradox that leads to some sort of common sense anarchy? Carrboro could use a bit of levity from its over oppressive liberal guilt and sense of community. I’m a fucking liberal Democrat and a lot of days I wish most of the people in town would leave or at least shut the hell up.

As a new father I’m looking forward to the day when my son looks at a group of people hula hooping (or engaging in some other idiotic behavior) in a public place and asks me “Daddy, what’s going on over there?” and I can respond with, “Son, those are what you call idiots. They’re to be laughed at and deserve your scorn and sarcasm.” What a father/son bonding moment that will be!

And a final note on the cult bit (as the boy is starting to already rant in his own way), one of the Carrboro hoopers had this quote on their website. It’s hard to believe that a 1950’s era fad brought to us by the Whamo! corporation could do all this. Cult? Take a look and tell me how it’s not a cult:

“The hoop has to do with hearing the beat, getting with the rhythm, feeling the music of what is, and skillfully entering in with just the right amount of effort…All of us yearn to feel related and accepted, to be in harmony, to feel ourselves at home in the universe and with each other. And this is our birthright, for we are all part of the Hoop. We have only to stop, perceive, and be. If you allow yourself to connect with the Hoop, you are home.”

~Christ Hoffman
The Hoop and the Tree


3 responses to “North Carolina Cult = Awesome Opportunity to Mock

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  2. you seem like an asshole

  3. Fuck you dude who are you to laugh at anyone for doing what they want to do. No one forced you to hoop or whatever so don’t be a prick. GO be a Nazi somewhere else