Pens End Rangers Hopes

Well the Pens beat the Rangers in OT this afternoon, ending the Rangers’ hopes of winning the Cup.  1994 will have to continue to stand as our bellweather event.  The other question is, what will the Rangers look like next year?  Jagr has said that he wants to play for four more years and that the Rangers are his first choice.  That being said, the team and Avery are likely far apart on money and Shanahan is done.  Straka is also likely to go from what I’ve been reading.

The Rangers did give away game 1, and they made a few bad plays that caused goals, but overall the officiating was some of the worst I have seen in a Stanley Cup playoff series.  Today was no exception with Chris Drury catching a high-stick that drew blood but no penalty was called.  At the end of the game the refs called a four minute on Drury.  I hope the Pens don’t make it solely because I’m sick and tired of hearing about Crosby. 

So now I have to pull for the team that wins the West.  I hate both the Flyers and the Pens and am cheering for injury in that season.  Now begins the long summer with only baseball to keep me happy.  Sigh.  Go Yankees.


2 responses to “Pens End Rangers Hopes

  1. I get the feeling that the NHL is pushing Crosby. I don’t blame them but a high stick is a high stick, especially one that was as brutal as the one on Drury.

    The Flyers were lucky enough to beat the NHL-Backed Caps because of Ovechkin, then, they have to beat the NHL-backed Canadiens.

    Although, the league would probably have been happy with a Rangers vs. Red Wings Stanley Cup…

  2. My brain is exploding with the Pens/Flyers series. I don’t know who I want to win less!