More ESPN Anti-Yankee Bias

I like how ESPN’s article on over celebrating in baseball features (on the front page no less) a picture of Joba Chamberlain crossed out AND calls Paul O’Neill boorish and childish. Paul O’Neill was one of the hardest working players ever. Don’t tell me he’s boorish just because you hate it when he’s both competitive and a winner. I am so tired of ESPN being biased against the Yankees.

I am not saying that Joba shouldn’t shut up a little, but he’s no Jeremy Shockey! He’s a kid who gets excited from time to time. I’m also not saying that the article is solely anti-Yankee. I’m just a little sick and a lot tired of the way ESPN covers the Yankees. For too long it’s been the New York “Worst Team to Ever Exist” Yankees versus the Boston “Sweet Innocent” Red Sox and the rest of the league who are helpless to get better because of some vast Yankees conspiracy.

It’s also a larger problem with ESPN. Once upon a time the network covered sports. You know, games, innings, plays? What happened during the games, the story and drama that unfolded because of who hit or caught what. It’s time that ESPN stops making up the stories by injecting it’s bullshit drama, including it’s anti Yankee drama.


4 responses to “More ESPN Anti-Yankee Bias

  1. This is so true, my blog is dedicated to hating everything Boston to death. I stopped watching ESPN because it is so pro Boston (and it created Red Sox nation). You couldn’t be more right about how much they play up the Red Sox and that rivalry. To be fair though they are very biased towards New York as well (I believe geographically they are located slightly closer to New York than Boston), and it seems like their world, at least in baseball, is confined to those two teams. But at least as a Yankee fan (I can’t stand em myself though) we can agree on loathing everything Boston. Nice work.

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  3. ESPN is biased against all baseball teams except the yankees, red sox, mets and dodgers. You’re biased.

  4. Heard on ESPN’s coverage of Red Sox last night: “Well, I expect it from A-Rod so hearing him do steriods didn’t effect me. But when I heard about Ortiz, I just thought, ‘no, not him! he’s such a great guy and a great ballplayer’. I hope they figure out what happened there, I just hope it’s not true.” ESPN sucks and they are blatantly biased towards the Sox.