Big Yankees Weekend

Yankee Stadium from My Sunday Seat

Yankee Stadium from My Sunday Seat

So this weekend, Dad and I flew up to New York and caught two Yankees games. We were lucky enough to miss Friday’s loss on a Rivera wild pitch and see both the 13 inning marathon and yesterday’s destruction of the Royals. The weather was great, the games were entertaining. My only complaint is that they closed Monument Park both days within five minutes of the gates opening. Other than that it was a great weekend.


One response to “Big Yankees Weekend

  1. I remember my first time to Yankees stadium. been in love with the team ever since. Been to Wrigley and Fenway but nothing compares. Hate to see the team not make the playofffs this year. Im still holding out hope. bet em this morning at +15 to 1 to make the playoffs. The Yanks get no respect at this site:
    Great value. Just need a run and were in. Phils did it last year in a matter of few weeks and they dont even have the talent we do.