More Anti-Yankees Propoganda

So I’ve seen this story a few times, in a few different versions on the Internet.  It involves a man who was supposedly ejected from Yankee Stadium for getting up during the singing of God Bless America. I keep seeing this story over and over and it pisses me off.

Having been at Yankee Stadium recently (in August) I actually got up during God Bless America, went to the bathroom, got an ice-cream and a coke. There were actually plenty of people mulling about, especially on the upper deck (where I went to get the ice cream) and none of us were being kicked out by security.

I have a theory about this story, it’s more anti-Yankees propoganda. This guy admitted to being a Red Sox fan, that makes him an immediate douche bag retard. I’m sure his behavior had more to do with him getting kicked out than the timing of his trip to the bathroom. Let’s stop spreading this urban legend.


One response to “More Anti-Yankees Propoganda

  1. Oh, this explains a lot.