More Attempts to Ban the Offensive

I’ve noticed this slow creep lately.  A low-level hum really that keeps getting louder.  What is it?  It’s people’s attempts to ban the offensive.  I’m hearing ideas like, “he shouldn’t be allowed to say that,” more and more often.  Now government contractors are getting into the act.  A woman was asked to leave a federal building because the security guard was offended by the word LESBIAN.  How did this person graduate high school with such a poor understanding of US Civics let alone enter the fast-paced profession of security guard??

Personally I’m tiring of all of these Codes of Conduct signs being put up all over the place.  I can be an asshole, that’s my right.  That’s not breaking the law.  This woman should sue sue sue because as we all know, the Federal Government can’t regulate speech.  She could wear a shirt that says Cocksucking MotherFuckers for NAMBLA and be allowed into Federal Offices.  Hmm, I think I might have to go buy a t-shirt that says that for me and the baby.


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