Sarah Palin Isn’t Afraid of WWIII

In what has become a continuing series on Sarah Palin, I thought it would be good to bring up one or two key points from her interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson. My favorite was her poor showing on foreign policy. Where to begin?

She can’t articulate the Bush Doctrine of foreign policy and looked like a deer in headlights when asked about it.  This isn’t great, but I wish I didn’t understand the Bush Doctrine some days.  The problem is that her response took a harder line on foreign policy that doesn’t seem to understand that attacking them over there doesn’t make us safer over here.  It actually kind of upsets people and makes them hate us more!

The thing that is the most frightening is that through her lack of knowledge she’s more than up for starting WWIII.  When asked about Georgia or the Ukraine joining NATO she was all for it.  Then, when Charlie Gibson brought up the idea that if Russia attacked either of the FSR’s we’d be bound by treaty to go to war with Russia, she looked at him rather gleefully and was fairly enthusiastically for it.  Sure thing, let’s go to war with Russia and end the fucking world!

It’s interesting timing as I was talking to my dad recently who went to see Bill Bradley talk on US Russian policy and why it’s failed since the Clinton Administration.  The results of a quick google search turn up some interesting reading on the subject. The key takeaway is that while we may disagree with Russia, moving NATO to their borders is not a way to keep them happy and engaged. We’ve done a good job building Georgia up and allowing them to antagonize Russia more than they should. I’m not saying we should allow Putin to do whatever he likes, but there are more productive means of employing carrots and sticks.

To get back to the main point, once again Sarah Palin has shown she has no business being on a major party ticket in any capacity. This lack of judgment shows that a McCain White House would be a disaster. There is no way this woman should be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Her views are uninformed and extreme. Statements like those she made in her interview with Charlie Gibson are enough (should McCain win the election) to dramatically set back relations with Russia. We cannot afford another Cold War, let alone WWIII.


3 responses to “Sarah Palin Isn’t Afraid of WWIII

  1. You are going down libs. The repubs have beat you bad. Obama is sexist. The first woman elected to high office will be a Republican. Dems are through.

  2. Nice response Joe. Do you really believe that Sarah Palin is qualified? She doesn’t get energy policy, civics, foreign policy, etc. I would have seriously considered McCain if he picked Tom Ridge. I actually don’t like Obama.

  3. Good thing we didn’t help England with lend lease or we could have had a war with Germany.

    … and that would have dramatically set back relations with Germany for years.