Yet Another Reason to Get off Oil

So earlier in the week I asked What’s with all the drilling fever? It seems that as long as we stay on oil we’ve got a lot of trouble. We need to come up with a new way to get cheap energy. Well today, I found a new reason for us to get off foreign oil, Saudi beliefs. An article in the Yahoo! biz section highlights how the Saudis seem to hate everything we hold dear (except the dollar). It’s time we cut them off and stopped dealing with them. It’s not ok to kill those with different beliefs than you, even if you find their speech to be objectionable.


2 responses to “Yet Another Reason to Get off Oil

  1. This article also highlights why diplomacy so often fails in this arena. What’s scary is the power they have to cut US off, it’s hard to believe that we are beholden to people so impervious to reason. Yes, we must get off foreign oil and fast, which I think helps answer your question about drilling fever.

  2. Yeah but the oil companies don’t drill everywhere they could now. Screw drilling, let’s get off oil all together.