Clay Aiken Doesn’t Like Girls

So apparently the truly shocking news this week was not that the economy was collapsing, that Sarah Palin is an even bigger idiot than we could have imagined, or that the United States and Pakistan are shooting at each other. No, the biggest shock to a large number of idiots, shut ins, and douche bags was that Clay Aiken is gay. Apparently, for these mouth breathers, it required Clay to go on the cover of People magazine and proclaim, “yes I’m gay.”

I’m not a fan of Clay Aiken. To be honest, I think he’s the least talented individual in the world and I said so when I previously wrote about my brief brush with him in an airport. What I can’t believe is that these middle aged sexless women that obsess over Clay Aiken didn’t know he was gay and are now shocked and somewhat horrified. For once, I have to congratulate Clay on getting something right. Be who you are in public and in private, don’t feel like you have to hide it to keep a bunch of retards happy!

My advice, if you need to now re-evaluate your life because Clay Aiken is gay, or if you’re surprised by this revelation please check yourself into a mental hospital.  Next revelation, Sarah Palin is a fucking moron.


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