Why Won’t Sarah Palin Go Away?

I’m still alive, I’m still here!  Not that anyone actually cares.  I’ve been writing a bit more over at my travel blog, and while I’ve been taking pictures I should be posting them on Fixed My Life, but I’ve been quite lazy.

Most importantly, living in a swing state, the election was kicking my ass.  When Obama won, I was overcome with joy because I thought I would never see Sarah Palin again. Oh, just imagine the news without her homespun idiot ways. No more Joe Sixpack this, Joe Sixpack that. No more hearing about her bear killing, snowmobile driving husband. No more of her horrible bullshit. It sounds like heaven and rainbows all combined, doesn’t it?

Well it hasn’t come true. She’s been on the fucking news everyday since she lost. Apologizing for costing John McCain votes, dodging questions about if she’ll run for the Senate, still not knowing that Africa isn’t a country. So I implore you news media, please let her go back to her igloo and never speak of her again. She is NOT a rising star in the GOP. She’s a brain-addled, self-centered baby boomer mom who thinks she can boss the rest of the world around.

Though, she did spawn this awesome video.


6 responses to “Why Won’t Sarah Palin Go Away?

  1. Ha ha ha! I googled these words and your blog came up…read your post and you gave me a chuckle. Actually, two minutes ago was the first time in two months that not one article showed up on Google news…wow, I think the air is starting to clear from all the *choke* *gag* simpleton pollution emitted from certain political orifices.
    Good post!

  2. Why won’t your sideburns go away?

  3. You baby boomers have f*d our country worse than any generation in American history. We should take that bail out, save it for the x & Y generation in 30 years and let you f*ups go back to work and live in the places you have bankrupted – both morally and financially. You’ve screwed this country and I for one have no qualms letting you suffer your own consequences.

    Take all of the reasons that divide the rest of us and throw them off the back of the ship. Everyone should unify pointing at the boomers. Atheistic greedy narcos.

  4. You dislike Sarah Palin because she believes in God and tries to follow his law. You on the other hand probably think what right does she…ooops, I think just like my baby boomer parents.

  5. Um, I’m an Xer Mogu. And I dislike Palin because she’s unqualified.