More Bad Customer Service

There was a happy ending to this story, check it out here. I’m always happy to see companies follow through for their customers. Good stuff MOO!

So by now if you read this blog with any regularity you know that bad customer service will set me off in a heartbeat. Recently, I placed a sizable order with the photo printing company MOO. While they make cool stuff, I’m not sure I’ll be ordering from them again. Why? Because I missed a promotion by two days.

They recently started a promotion that waived shipping costs for orders over $100. When I wrote to ask for it on my order (and I was very nice), this is the e-mail I received:

Thank you for getting in touch with the MOO Team.
I’m so sorry I;m afraid we can;t retroactively apply promotions. They begin upon receipt and not before. Feel free to place another order to take advantage. Sorry about that

That’s it?  Sorry about that, place another order?  I just made an order for over $100, given the state of the economy I’m not going to do it again a few days later!  Companies have to realize that most customers won’t ask for a refund like I will.  But those that do ask should be rewarded.  It’s another example of where a company could have a customer for life, but because of their cookie-cutter attitude toward customer service they run the risk of losing a customer.

As for me?  While I really like MOO and what it does, I’m going to think twice before I order from them again. As it’s custom printing, it’s not like I can cancel my order and then re-order to take advantage of the promotion.  It’s also not like I wrote a month later asking for it (though many companies will honor their promotions for 30 days).


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