Update: More Good Customer Service

So there was a happy ending with bad customer service for a change.  Last week I wrote about a bad experience with a promotion from online photo printer MOO. In response to their note, I wrote:

Are you serious? Every other web site I’ve ever used has retroactively applied promotions that start within a few days of an order. While I think your products are cool, I basically placed my Christmas order and then got the free shipping e-mail the day my order shipped. 

I’d like to say that I’ll remember this the next time I order from you, but considering the state of the economy and this lack of customer service, I’m not sure I’ll order from you again.

This morning I’m happy to report that I opened my e-mail and was told they’d honor the promotion! Good going MOO! I’ve never said this before, but I retract my claim of bad customer service and have removed you from my list of merchants I’ll never use again. Wow.


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