Red Sox Go Back to Look of Losers

The Boston Red Sox have gone back to their 1980s loser uniforms recently. Besides being the ugliest things I’ve seen since this wordpress dashboard, let’s hope it brings a return to the days of the Red Sox missing the playoffs, blowing routine ground balls, etc.  I hate that team so so so much.  

On another more positive note, I’m incredibly happy to see the Yankees have started building the rotation to bring them World Championship number 27.  Welcome to the Bronx CC.


One response to “Red Sox Go Back to Look of Losers

  1. Lisa Brandon

    Yankees East Division titles (15)
    Red Socks East Division titles (6)
    Yankees: AL Pennants:(39)
    Red Socks: AL Pennants (12)
    Yankees: World Series Titles:(26)
    Red Socks: World Series titles (7)

    All I have to say.