Happy 2009

Personally, I had a lot to enjoy in 2008 but I can understand why people are happy to see it go.  Let’s hope that 2009 is a great year…  A few of my hopes for the new year:

  • Sarah Palin’s name becomes as forgettable as Lloyd Benson
  • The Yankees win #27
  • I get around to blogging more 
  • Obama lives up to the hype (or is at least given a chance to fail as well as succeed)
  • That I’m able to read more books and listen to more music
  • That the media stops being so yellow

Hmm, I think that’s enough for now.  A few are unrealistic, but hope springs eternal doesn’t it? Happy New Year.


One response to “Happy 2009

  1. This is a very good list of hopes for the new year. I can totally understand your hate for the Red Sox. But in regards to the Yanks, you have to agree that any team that spends as much of their resources acquiring the best players available every year should win the world series every year. Unfortunately for the Yanks, the biggest budget in the league can not buy the most important thing of all and that my friend is chemistry. Which is something that has been missing in the Yankees teams for many years. Big egos and prima-donna personalities aren’t exactly the best ingredients for success. The Yanks need to put less of their focus on trying to out bid on every good player the Red Sox go after and concentrate on finding players that gel together as a team. Although as a Red Sox fan it’s in my genes to hate the Yankees I never deny the fact that they always have a great team and I always do enjoy watching them play. Of course I’ll never enjoy them as much as I did back in the days of Billy Martin. I’m sure that they will eventually come to their senses and focus more on team chemistry and will be back in championship form again. But for now this Red Sox fan is enjoying the success of the Boston Teams. The rivalry is much more enjoyable now that the winning goes both ways.