Breaking News: Teen Goes to Party

So I keep seeing these headlines on news sites, Teen Spotted at Beach, Teen Spotted on Bus, Missing Teen Spotted.  It’s like fucking bigfoot out there, so I finally break down and click on the story and it turns out that 17 year old Brittanee got upset and went with friends to Myrtle Beach to party it down on spring break.  While I totally understand her mom being upset, I don’t see this as national news. If it turns out she was kidnapped, she meets the criteria for a missing woman story to be covered (young, white, middle class, and cute – notice how the media could care less otherwise) and I hope she’s returned home safely.

Otherwise, what the hell is Nancy Grace going to add to this discussion?  Will she browbeat the mother until she kills herself?  It seems to me that this mother should hug her daughter when she gets home and then chain her in the basement while simultaneously yelling at her for the next three years. 

So again, I ask, how the hell is this story news?  Is it because her parents didn’t know how to spell Brittany? What next?  Teen Asks to Go to Movies?  Mother asks 10 Year Old to Clean Room?  Isn’t there something more important that CNN could be reporting on? What about political changes in Myanmar?

Nice crack reporting CNN.


3 responses to “Breaking News: Teen Goes to Party

  1. michellefrommadison

    The worst part of this case is that Nancy Grace is trying to cover it. That has lead to untimely death(s) before of non-convicted victims of crimes. The best thing the family can do is to obtain a Restraining Order against Nancy Grace of CNN from interfering with anything to do with this case, so that the police can proceed with their investigation and not contaminate a potential jury-pool like Nancy has done for so many cases, because it really does rob the potential pursuit of Justice.

  2. I wish all stories like this would get all media involved this way, maybe we’d have a better chance of finding them. I say this, but at the same time I know of so many cases where even when the kids know people are looking, abductors have such mental power over them that it doesn’t matter. A case here where a boy was taken a few towns away from home, he said he even sat on a bench with his picture on it and thought to himself that he hated the picture. Elizabeth Smart denied who she really was when police found her. So this girl, even if abducted could be looking out the window seeing her mom hanging posters, but be too afraid to yell for help. This frightens me more than anything, it’s not only looking for and finding missing kids, but to keep them confident enough that whatever torture they are put through that they still know to ask for help and want to go home.

  3. michellefrommadison

    Nancy Grace is a documented drunk and a pill-popper, at least according to Nancy Grace.