Insane People Don’t Get Joke

So David Letterman is catching hell from a vocal minority of insane people who have turned a tasteless joke into one about child rape.  Don’t believe me, check out their site here.  How many of these people stand up and are offended when Rush Limbaugh makes crude jokes about women? How many are offended when Bill O’Reilly’s “reporting” drives an insane person to shoot a doctor in church?

I have no problem if you think David Letterman is an asshole and want to boycott his show and advertisers now.  Just be honest about it.  It’s not because he made a joke about a 14 year old (which he didn’t), it’s because he made fun of  Sarah Palin.

If anything, Republicans should hope and pray that Sarah Palin vanishes. Most centrists in the country are afraid of politicians like her. I might have voted for McCain if he picked Tom Ridge or another reasonable person as his running mate. Palin was the final nail in his campaign.


3 responses to “Insane People Don’t Get Joke

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  2. Wow, judging from the comments, they are going after every company that advertised on Letterman’s show, on CBS, on the CBS website, and every guest that appears on the show. Pretty soon they are going to be boycotting pretty much every service and product and not watching any mass media. Which means they’ll be sitting at home in the dark. So we won’t be encountering any of these nutsos in public.

    Keep up the campaign!

    • I enjoy how they wouldn’t let me reply with reason on their blog. They essentially censored a differing point of view. They seem to forget that Rush and the Fox News crew make very offensive statements about women all the time.