Sarah Palin Shows Her True Colors

Folksy, non-joke getting governor Sarah Palin is resigning her office. Already the comments being made by her blind supporters have worked my household into a frenzy. How anyone could vote for this woman is amazing. She has now provided a new argument against her nomination for national office… she’s unable to fulfill her duties as governor.  If she was mid-term and resigned to take the Presidency that makes sense.  But to take off at least a year before her term is over is mindboggling.  The woman obviously only wants to feed her ego and need for attention.

Can anyone give me a rational reason to vote for her?  She’s not qualified, she’s not intelligent, she’s not an innovative public servant.  She destroyed any chance John McCain had of winning centrists (yes Obama is actually a moderate and won because he got middle of the road America to like him). What’s worse is that she holds this weird George Bush philosophy that has been shown (through real world experience) to not work.  Her foreign, domestic, and economic ideas are failures.  Especially in light of the recent articles showing another reason how the Iraq war was a complete waste.

Why can’t she have an Argentinian lover so we never have to hear from her again.  Dumbest politician ever!


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