NFL Week 1 Observations – Chicago Bears

So I saw an article stating that Brian Ulracher is out for the year.  It’s a shame because he’s a great player and the NFL can use guys like him on the field (who also seem to stay out of trouble off the field). The thing I didn’t get was all the talk of high expectations for the Bears.

If you had asked me what the Bears record would be before they traded for Jay Cutler I would have said 9-7 at best.  After the trade, I predict their record will be 6-10.  Yes, I think Cutler makes them worse.  Much, much worse. It’s obvious that the Packers stacked the line against Forte and decided to make Cutler beat them. What did Cutler do? Threw for a 47% completion percentage and four INTs.

On the other hand, I think the Jaguars might be in better shape this year. It looks like their defense might be back on track and allow them to sneak into the playoffs.  My end of the year predicition is that the Bears will finish with fewer wins than the Jags.


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