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Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

How in the world did you become such a big, powerful company that is present in so many lives?  My complaints today center around Outlook and contacts. I wanted to export my contacts to my Gmail.  Really I had two motivations, using them elsewhere and backing them up. This seems like a really simple task that should take no time.

Apparently I had to download four (4) pieces of software in order to do this. This took me about 45 minutes because the process was not intuitive AND I made the mistake of having two dialog boxes open which brought an immediate halt to one of the downloads. Additionally, I had to find the original disk to do so.

Once I had done this, the file I created was essentially an Excel file that looked like a mess.  I was worried it was going to be a total disaster, but figured that I wasn’t using my Gmail contacts anyway, so I could always wipe them and start fresh.

This is where your competition REALLY made you look bad.  Google took the file, sorted it alphabetically (which for some reason Outlook won’t do if I have the contacts sorted by category), kept the categories I had, merged information where appropriate, and allowed me to search by any term within any of the fields.  The entire process took 45 seconds.

To recap… Microsoft slow, complicated, difficult.  Google fast, easy, intuitive, and organized. While Google contacts lack one or two features, my contacts are now in Gmail and Google Voice. I bet when I add Google Wave that they’ll automagically appear there too.

So this is my break up letter. Sure I have to use you for somethings but I’m going to actively seek out alternatives whenever I can. I’m looking forward to the day where my life is Microsoft-free (especially since you’ve decided to start screwing with the layout of Office).




Miss California

So as I’m eating my breakfast I’m hit with yet another beauty pagent story on the Today Show. Oh no, did Miss California lose because of her politics? Blah blah blah. Listen up, because I’m only going to say this once.  I know the true reason Miss California lost.  It had nothing to do with her politics… are you ready?

The Answer:  Miss California is a fucking idiot who couldn’t string a coherent thought together. Anyone that believes there is a thing called “opposite marriage” doesn’t deserve to hold any title. 

Can we all move on now? Or should we continue to laugh at her for a little while longer? Oh wait, I forgot.  Now all the nutjobs from the far right will have to come out and say that this is part of a broader conspiracy to push the homosexual agenda. Yawn.

Happy 2009

Personally, I had a lot to enjoy in 2008 but I can understand why people are happy to see it go.  Let’s hope that 2009 is a great year…  A few of my hopes for the new year:

  • Sarah Palin’s name becomes as forgettable as Lloyd Benson
  • The Yankees win #27
  • I get around to blogging more 
  • Obama lives up to the hype (or is at least given a chance to fail as well as succeed)
  • That I’m able to read more books and listen to more music
  • That the media stops being so yellow

Hmm, I think that’s enough for now.  A few are unrealistic, but hope springs eternal doesn’t it? Happy New Year.

More Anti-Yankees Propoganda

So I’ve seen this story a few times, in a few different versions on the Internet.  It involves a man who was supposedly ejected from Yankee Stadium for getting up during the singing of God Bless America. I keep seeing this story over and over and it pisses me off.

Having been at Yankee Stadium recently (in August) I actually got up during God Bless America, went to the bathroom, got an ice-cream and a coke. There were actually plenty of people mulling about, especially on the upper deck (where I went to get the ice cream) and none of us were being kicked out by security.

I have a theory about this story, it’s more anti-Yankees propoganda. This guy admitted to being a Red Sox fan, that makes him an immediate douche bag retard. I’m sure his behavior had more to do with him getting kicked out than the timing of his trip to the bathroom. Let’s stop spreading this urban legend.

Billy Ray Cyrus Apologizes

Billy Ray Cyrus apologized for not wearing a seat belt in his daughter’s shitty movie. I have a list of items I’m still waiting for him to apologize for, including:

Thought I’m totally sure about the last one.  I suspect he is some sort of android and you can track his technical updates via changes in his hair.  I suspect that back in the lab, scientists grafted part of Billy Ray v3.2 to mystery cells taken from the alien John Tesh and left over DNA from America’s most annoying pop stars (such as cash poor M.C. Hammer, Milli, Wang Chung, etc.) to create the new android hybrid Hannah Montana. Updates to this first version are being made and will be launched as Miley Cyrus’ solo career.

On a total side note, I often blame everything on Generation Y.  However, the tweens and children who are supporting these androids’ rise to power over all of us seem to be of a new, coddled and spoiled generation.  Are they Generation Z?  Poor copies of the shitty younger followers of Generation X?

Messing with the World

This article illustrates a fine example of screwing with people that I love. By using the TV-B-Gone one can turn off the endless chatter of televisions anywhere you find them in public. Fantastic. Shannon was telling me that the TV was on at the Post Office last week and blathering on about the Spears family.

CNN is Part of the Propaganda Machine

Why should CNNthink or work at their reporting when they can just publish press releases from the companies they’re reporting on. Yesterday I went nuts about GM’s SUV hybrid winning the Green Car of the Year award at some bullshit auto show. There were a number of articles I saw this on, including this one from CNN.

So, I took the time to write the author of this article. To be honest, I wasn’t the most forgiving or generous reader and questioned the author’s integrity. That may have been unfair at the time, but upon reading his response I don’t think so anymore…

Thanks for writing. In response, please see a commentary I wrote back in June about large hybrid SUVs.

Why we need big hybrid SUVs

Article Here
Peter Valdes-Dapena
Producer/Writer Autos

If you take the time to read this article, he basically states that the family with an SUV hybrid will save more gas than the one who converts to an Altima Hybrid. The thing he forgets to point out is that if you’re burning twice the amount of gas of course that will happen. Not once does he suggest that a family of four give up their SUV (hybrid or no) burning less than 22mpg for a station wagon that gets closer to 30mpg.

I suggest you read both articles. The author(s) obviously did not stop and think about what they were writing. I’ve linked his e-mail in under his name. Go ahead and write him too.