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This is What Fox Calls Broadcasting?

So I’m holding off commentary on the play in the world series as I’m currently tense and enthralled by how the Yankees and the Phillies are playing.  It’s really been a good series except for one thing… the Fox announcers.

Now, I’ve never been a Tim McCarver hater and I’ve always thought Joe Buck was, at worst, bland. They’re doing a barely adequate job, though I wish they had someone like Joe Morgan in the booth to talk through the baseball situations. I’m not 100% sure McCarver knows what is going on with his horrible dye job.

That aside, are you telling me that Fox can’t do a better job with its pre-game? How many horrific promos for Avatar or Family Guy spin offs (that show should have stayed canceled) can they shove in? How on Earth does MLB allow Fox to massacre the pre-game? What’s wrong you ask?  Well:

  • Chris Rose is an empty suit with no clue how to control the idiots he’s been saddled with.
  • Karros, Grace, and Ozzie are a holocaust unto themselves. These are supposed to be men who know baseball and instead spend the entire time yucking it up. A friend suggests I watch the MLB channel pre-game, I think I will.
  • They’ve married promos with old game footage and made nonsense. Where are the past highlights? Where are the stats? Where is the talk of baseball? I guess Fox figures a grand introduction theme is enough to pay its respects to the World Series, but I even saw those damn dancing robots from the NFL coverage.

Even the NY Times (who is providing the BEST coverage I have seen) can’t stand the Fox coverage.  In their Live Analysis from Game Four, they wrote:

Update | 8:34 p.m. The rain on Saturday night killed any chance of the ceremonial introduction of the players at Citizens Bank Park. The ritual was carried out tonight, but Fox ignored it. Oh, you sort of saw it occurring in the background of the bland pregame show, with Chris Rose, Mark Grace, Ozzie Guillen and Eric Karros. Rather than focus on the introductions, viewers heard Karros and Grace utter banalties and Rose tell Guillen, the moonlighting White Sox manager, that the exuberant Phillies fans “are cheering for you” because he picked Philadelphia to win. Really? I know what I wanted to watch — and this wasn’t it. I like to see each player introduced. I think most fans do, too. I wasn’t thrilled to watch the “keys to the game” from Cleveland, the animated star of Fox’s latest cartoon series or to see that the opening tease to the pregame show consisted of scenes from the series edited with scenes from the new film “Avatar,” a film from Twentieth Century-Fox.–R.S.

I wish some other network would take the World Series away from Fox AND demand that the games end earlier. It seems to me that our national past time should offer games that a 10 year old be allowed to stay up for. I say, let’s schedule the games so they end by 10:30.

WORST SPORTS COVERAGE EVER (well since the TBS baseball coverage).


A Brief Political Message

So recently I’ve been hearing a lot about Acorn (I still don’t know who they are) and that the Obama administration is going to destroy the country.  Weirdo blogs and Fox News and CNN (to an extent) are making things up. Obama is a Nazi Socialist who is going to turn America into the USSR and take away all our healthcare and raise our taxes to 90% and throw us in jail.  Blah blah blah.

This morning I saw that Jimmy Carter came out and called racism on a lot of these nuts.  Good for him. It’s about time someone questioned what the hell is going on.

For 8 years, George Bush screwed up everything he touched. He got us into a war in Iraq we had no business being in (I never thought there were WMDs), he let business do whatever it wanted and wreck the economy, he pushed social “values” that were one-sided and made matters worse.  All along the way I was told “support the President,” “respect the President and his office.” It became unpatriotic to disagree with the man.  What do we have to show for it?

  • High deficits
  • Corporations who think they can screw the consumer (especially insurance companies)
  • The highest unemployment in years
  • Middle Class Americans getting screwed
  • Higher energy prices

Now the tea-baggers (who don’t even know what this means) are out there creating a fuss.  Where is all the civility and respect they demanded while Bush was in office?

It’s time for people to stop believing everything they read or see on TV. Use some judgement and read different news sources that provide multiple points of view. George Bush created a world of problems and Obama is actually trying to fix them.  I don’t agree with everything he does, but I do agree that the insurance companies need to be reigned in.  I do agree that the private sector needs some regulation.  I do agree that common Americans need protection.  He’s doing all of this.

Have an open mind and debate policy.  Let’s stop with the bullshit and lies and name calling.  We’re not a nation of four year olds.

Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

How in the world did you become such a big, powerful company that is present in so many lives?  My complaints today center around Outlook and contacts. I wanted to export my contacts to my Gmail.  Really I had two motivations, using them elsewhere and backing them up. This seems like a really simple task that should take no time.

Apparently I had to download four (4) pieces of software in order to do this. This took me about 45 minutes because the process was not intuitive AND I made the mistake of having two dialog boxes open which brought an immediate halt to one of the downloads. Additionally, I had to find the original disk to do so.

Once I had done this, the file I created was essentially an Excel file that looked like a mess.  I was worried it was going to be a total disaster, but figured that I wasn’t using my Gmail contacts anyway, so I could always wipe them and start fresh.

This is where your competition REALLY made you look bad.  Google took the file, sorted it alphabetically (which for some reason Outlook won’t do if I have the contacts sorted by category), kept the categories I had, merged information where appropriate, and allowed me to search by any term within any of the fields.  The entire process took 45 seconds.

To recap… Microsoft slow, complicated, difficult.  Google fast, easy, intuitive, and organized. While Google contacts lack one or two features, my contacts are now in Gmail and Google Voice. I bet when I add Google Wave that they’ll automagically appear there too.

So this is my break up letter. Sure I have to use you for somethings but I’m going to actively seek out alternatives whenever I can. I’m looking forward to the day where my life is Microsoft-free (especially since you’ve decided to start screwing with the layout of Office).



Cell Phones

So I’m interested in buying a smart phone.  My problem?  I want to buy the hardware I want and then take it to the provider I want.  I don’t want to be forced to sign a contract and be stuck with someone who might suck just to get my desired HW.  It’s time that we as American consumers demand that unlocked phones be sold to us and we’re given more control over the process.  You know, like the rest of the world.

My frustration arises from my desire to buy an Android phone.  The pace of them being rolled out here in the states is too slow.  The only choice for a network is currently T-Mobile.  I love how Congress calls in baseball players about steroids or wants to honor alleged child molestor Michael Jackson, but no one is calling cell phone companies to the mat to stop them from ripping off consumers!

Shirtless Wisdom

As we were leaving the Tom Petty concert last night, Shannon could have sworn that Matthew McConaughey was behind us.  While we saw fifty year old women vomitting into their backpacks and people stumbling into the woods to pee, we heard Matthew share these pearls of wisdom.

  • “Your mom and them done saw Hootie?  They ain’t seen half the show we just seen.”
  • “That’s the difference between a star and a superstar.”
  • “Hey, they got beer here too.”

Tom Petty was great on his 2008 Make More Money Tour but the crowd was something else.  Humanity’s finest crawled out from under their trailers to drink beer (mostly Busch) in a parking lot and then give strangers high fives.  WOOO!!!!

I love…

that I root for the most contrarian team in sports right now. Let’s Go Rangers!

I’m Done With Home Depot

So in my 30s, something has happened and made me into a gardener.  Since we moved into our new house I built two garden boxes so Shannon and I can grow tomatoes, peppers, other veggies, etc. One of the things that I take pride in is planting without the use of a lot of chemicals and the such. I’ve developed the soil mix, added my own compost comprised of our family scraps, added manure as needed, etc.

This spring, I went to the local Home Depot to purchase soil, peat moss, manure, etc. to thow down on the garden so it could soak in the recent rains. Much to my surprise, Home Depot had a very limited selection of soils that were not pre-fertilized with Miracle-Gro or some other Scott’s product. There was no Peat Moss without it. Last year the Miracle-Gro products were in the minority.

The Home Depot employees told me that pre-fertilized soil was the norm this year and that I was out of luck if I wanted local or just normal soil. I asked them to let their manager know I was unhappy and would like the normal soil to be restocked, and they told me it was a purely central office decision. So, I wrote Home Depot with my request. Here is the lame response they sent me:

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care.

As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, and an industry leader
on the environment, providing non-toxic, organic land care product is
something The Home Depot takes very seriously.

We are committed to working with our vendors to conserve and preserve
natural resources.

We take consumer concerns about non–toxic products very seriously and
continue to review the situation with industry and state.

We look forward to your continued patronage and assisting you with all
of your home improvement needs.


Customer Care

All I can say is, what a lame response. I can understand wanting to offer Miracle-Gro products at a higher price/profit margin, but to not offer low-priced local soil and peat moss that contains no additives is just silly. And then to claim that they offer a wide variety of organic products seems like they think I’m stupid. So, I’m done with Home Depot. No more plants, soils, veggies, etc. I may also consider not shopping there for the new grill I want to buy, the yard tools I need from time-to-time, the filters for my furnace, lumber, shelving materials, etc. As a consumer, I’m insulted.