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An Open Letter to Roman Polanski, Europeans, and Anyone Else Who Might Be Listening

Dear Everyone Else:

Being a top-notch movie director, having a rough life, and the passage of time do not erase the idea that misdeeds be punished by the rule of law. For French government officials and dimwits like Debra Winger to go on television and claim that Roman Polanski be freed because it’s been 30 years is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

By that logic we should give up on Victor Gerena (I remember this from when I was a kid), Eric Rudolph, and anyone else who committed serious crimes years ago. Regardless of the circumstances or what happened to his family, the man drugged and raped a child. That deserves some sort of punishment. Even if they throw him in jail for 30 days, make him pay a fine, and tell him he can never ever ever ever return to the United States.

Why? Because justice is blind. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, it’s supposed to treat all equally. We have to show the world and other criminals that running and hiding out will not make your crimes go away. How on Earth is that anything but common sense?


A Brief Political Message

So recently I’ve been hearing a lot about Acorn (I still don’t know who they are) and that the Obama administration is going to destroy the country.  Weirdo blogs and Fox News and CNN (to an extent) are making things up. Obama is a Nazi Socialist who is going to turn America into the USSR and take away all our healthcare and raise our taxes to 90% and throw us in jail.  Blah blah blah.

This morning I saw that Jimmy Carter came out and called racism on a lot of these nuts.  Good for him. It’s about time someone questioned what the hell is going on.

For 8 years, George Bush screwed up everything he touched. He got us into a war in Iraq we had no business being in (I never thought there were WMDs), he let business do whatever it wanted and wreck the economy, he pushed social “values” that were one-sided and made matters worse.  All along the way I was told “support the President,” “respect the President and his office.” It became unpatriotic to disagree with the man.  What do we have to show for it?

  • High deficits
  • Corporations who think they can screw the consumer (especially insurance companies)
  • The highest unemployment in years
  • Middle Class Americans getting screwed
  • Higher energy prices

Now the tea-baggers (who don’t even know what this means) are out there creating a fuss.  Where is all the civility and respect they demanded while Bush was in office?

It’s time for people to stop believing everything they read or see on TV. Use some judgement and read different news sources that provide multiple points of view. George Bush created a world of problems and Obama is actually trying to fix them.  I don’t agree with everything he does, but I do agree that the insurance companies need to be reigned in.  I do agree that the private sector needs some regulation.  I do agree that common Americans need protection.  He’s doing all of this.

Have an open mind and debate policy.  Let’s stop with the bullshit and lies and name calling.  We’re not a nation of four year olds.

Sarah Palin Shows Her True Colors

Folksy, non-joke getting governor Sarah Palin is resigning her office. Already the comments being made by her blind supporters have worked my household into a frenzy. How anyone could vote for this woman is amazing. She has now provided a new argument against her nomination for national office… she’s unable to fulfill her duties as governor.  If she was mid-term and resigned to take the Presidency that makes sense.  But to take off at least a year before her term is over is mindboggling.  The woman obviously only wants to feed her ego and need for attention.

Can anyone give me a rational reason to vote for her?  She’s not qualified, she’s not intelligent, she’s not an innovative public servant.  She destroyed any chance John McCain had of winning centrists (yes Obama is actually a moderate and won because he got middle of the road America to like him). What’s worse is that she holds this weird George Bush philosophy that has been shown (through real world experience) to not work.  Her foreign, domestic, and economic ideas are failures.  Especially in light of the recent articles showing another reason how the Iraq war was a complete waste.

Why can’t she have an Argentinian lover so we never have to hear from her again.  Dumbest politician ever!

Thoughts on Michael Jackson

So, Wacko Jacko died yesterday.  Quickly the world has ordained him the most influencial musician ever to have lived, the greatest star in the world, blah blah blah.

When did he stop being an alleged child molester and looney who last put out an album that anyone wanted to listen to in 1982?  Since then he’s released three studio albums and one greatest hits album.  Essentially he’s the Guns ‘N Roses of pop music.

So while we’re all sad that the little kid with the great voice turned insane bizarro Diana Ross has died, let’s not go overstating his career.  He kind of sucked. I could list at least 10 musical artists who have made a bigger impact:

  1. Bob Dylan
  2. The Beatles
  3. Stevie Wonder
  4. Elvis
  5. James Brown
  6. Johnny Cash
  7. Lou Reed
  8. Jimi Hendrix
  9. Marvin Gaye
  10. Phil “Gunslinger” Spector

Let’s mourn for his family but not forget that he was a troubled man.  If we can’t be honest in evaluating a man’s life, when can we be?

More Insane People Coverage

To be 100% honest, I’m not sure I should call any attention to the nuts over on this site, but these Hillbuzz people are some of the most frightening, close minded people I have ever encountered on the interwebs. Putting all politics aside, the posts and comments on this site are frightning. They don’t use logic or critical thinking, they gloss over facts or make them up via paranoia, they make no attempt at understanding a different point of view – they just attack.

To be honest, I think this type of thinking is what kills the Republican party.  The idea that you are right and no other idea is even worth considering is dangerous in a democracy. Plus, the love affair with side show personalities like Sarah Palin will do more to hurt their “agenda” than any liberal ever will.

So I point to these insane people who still think David Letterman was making child rape jokes and implore my 8 readers to be afraid.  Very afraid.

Insane People Don’t Get Joke

So David Letterman is catching hell from a vocal minority of insane people who have turned a tasteless joke into one about child rape.  Don’t believe me, check out their site here.  How many of these people stand up and are offended when Rush Limbaugh makes crude jokes about women? How many are offended when Bill O’Reilly’s “reporting” drives an insane person to shoot a doctor in church?

I have no problem if you think David Letterman is an asshole and want to boycott his show and advertisers now.  Just be honest about it.  It’s not because he made a joke about a 14 year old (which he didn’t), it’s because he made fun of  Sarah Palin.

If anything, Republicans should hope and pray that Sarah Palin vanishes. Most centrists in the country are afraid of politicians like her. I might have voted for McCain if he picked Tom Ridge or another reasonable person as his running mate. Palin was the final nail in his campaign.

Daily Swine Flu WTF?


Kissing Pigs Leads to Illness

Kissing Pigs Leads to Illness

So first the pig flu was going to get us all, now it’s a mild illness.  Which is it? 


Better yet, everyone has been telling us that closing the borders won’t work, that we should continue on like normal and just wash our hands, not cough in the face of strangers, etc.  The same stuff we’ve heard since the first grade, right?  So why is the CDC now advising against travel to Mexico?  I thought it was all supposed to be fine. Does anyone know what the fuck is going on here?

Of course, the Pig flu seems like reason #174 to not go to Mexico (with reason #1 being that drinking water makes you poop funny).