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Breaking News: Teen Goes to Party

So I keep seeing these headlines on news sites, Teen Spotted at Beach, Teen Spotted on Bus, Missing Teen Spotted.  It’s like fucking bigfoot out there, so I finally break down and click on the story and it turns out that 17 year old Brittanee got upset and went with friends to Myrtle Beach to party it down on spring break.  While I totally understand her mom being upset, I don’t see this as national news. If it turns out she was kidnapped, she meets the criteria for a missing woman story to be covered (young, white, middle class, and cute – notice how the media could care less otherwise) and I hope she’s returned home safely.

Otherwise, what the hell is Nancy Grace going to add to this discussion?  Will she browbeat the mother until she kills herself?  It seems to me that this mother should hug her daughter when she gets home and then chain her in the basement while simultaneously yelling at her for the next three years. 

So again, I ask, how the hell is this story news?  Is it because her parents didn’t know how to spell Brittany? What next?  Teen Asks to Go to Movies?  Mother asks 10 Year Old to Clean Room?  Isn’t there something more important that CNN could be reporting on? What about political changes in Myanmar?

Nice crack reporting CNN.


Where’s My Bonus?

So, just a brief post on the bonus fiasco.  While I wish I could get a bonus for being the worst employee or executive ever, I’m worried about the knee-jerk reaction we’re having.  These bonuses, for better or worse, are contractual.  That means they are subject to the law.  Instead of reacting, shouldn’t Congress have told these companies that in order to pay out bailout money, they would need to change their bonus structure or at least renegotiate it?

At the end of the day, I worry that all of this hand wringing and suggestions of suicide (one Congressman told execs to consider suicide… CLASSY) will lead to the government or other parties ripping up binding agreements or laws just because they’re pissed off.  If I were to follow that logic, there should be a lot I should get to do because I get pissed off a lot, including:

  • Not pay restaurant bills because the waitress was too slow
  • Pay less for products at department stores because I think they’re ripping me off
  • Round up slow, fat people at the mall and send them to fat camps
  • Outlaw the Boston Red Sox, Washington Redskins, and New York Islanders
  • Throw eggs at Matt Lauer while he is tied naked to a post in a public square
  • Prank call the Octomom constantly when I know the Octo-kids have just dozed off

See, allowing controlled chaos because you’re pissed might not always work out too well.

Something I’d be Happy to Pour My Tax Dollars Into

My wife and I are new parents. Five weeks, two days, 17 hours and 45 minutes or so at the time of writing this. What does that mean? It means we’re tired. All the time. Every single second of the day is tired. This morning Shannon said to me that we could use three or four people to raise our one baby (he looks cute in the pictures, but it can be deceiving at 3am). One serious thing she said to me this morning was that she had a new found respect for single parents. I thought about it for a second and totally agree.

A recent news article on CNN said that single parents cost U.S. tax payers over $100 billion a year. Weirdo fringe groups are using this study (and I believe they sponsored it) to encourage the government to encourage programs supporting marriage. There is so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to begin. Let’s see:
1) The government has NO PLACE in the lives of private citizens. It should not encourage marriage in any way, shape, or form. That decision rests solely in the hands of private citizens.
2) Being a single parent doesn’t make people bad. It doesn’t mean they need to be fixed. It doesn’t mean that they are worse than a two parent household. It means they have it harder than the rest of us.
3) I’d gladly give my taxes to helping these people. What does help mean? It means money for food, housing, childcare, and health insurance.
4) Remember what the national debt was when W came to office? I think it was, hmmm let me see. ZERO. Now it is an obscene amount that I can’t fathom. Go look at it here. What if we took some of the trillions of dollars spent on a pointless war, tax cuts for the oil companies, etc. and spent it on single parents and their children? The same conservative groups that bitch and moan about families falling apart and the amount of money that single parent households cost the government, these same assholes piss money away on war and corporate tax breaks. It would be nice if they pulled their heads out of their asses and got their priorities straight, wouldn’t it? Nine trillion dollars could go a long way.

More Proof…

That Clay Aiken is among the world’s biggest idiots.  He’s getting ready to join the abomination known as Spamalot but he doesn’t get it, doesn’t know what (not who) Monty Python is, and blames it for his problems getting off the toilet. Read his inane opinions here. I have an idea Clay, just go away.

Messing with the World

This article illustrates a fine example of screwing with people that I love. By using the TV-B-Gone one can turn off the endless chatter of televisions anywhere you find them in public. Fantastic. Shannon was telling me that the TV was on at the Post Office last week and blathering on about the Spears family.

CNN is Part of the Propaganda Machine

Why should CNNthink or work at their reporting when they can just publish press releases from the companies they’re reporting on. Yesterday I went nuts about GM’s SUV hybrid winning the Green Car of the Year award at some bullshit auto show. There were a number of articles I saw this on, including this one from CNN.

So, I took the time to write the author of this article. To be honest, I wasn’t the most forgiving or generous reader and questioned the author’s integrity. That may have been unfair at the time, but upon reading his response I don’t think so anymore…

Thanks for writing. In response, please see a commentary I wrote back in June about large hybrid SUVs.

Why we need big hybrid SUVs

Article Here
Peter Valdes-Dapena
Producer/Writer Autos

If you take the time to read this article, he basically states that the family with an SUV hybrid will save more gas than the one who converts to an Altima Hybrid. The thing he forgets to point out is that if you’re burning twice the amount of gas of course that will happen. Not once does he suggest that a family of four give up their SUV (hybrid or no) burning less than 22mpg for a station wagon that gets closer to 30mpg.

I suggest you read both articles. The author(s) obviously did not stop and think about what they were writing. I’ve linked his e-mail in under his name. Go ahead and write him too.

No Connection to the Arts

I was really going to try to keep my mouth shut about the whole Virginia Tech massacre. Typically this blog is full of my rants and raves and complaints. I felt I had no place complaining about one damn thing in connection with this horror. That being said, the media I can complain about. The yellow, scare-tactic journalists have come out in full force. I recently saw this article where they are trying to tie the shooting to a movie. I can understand looking for a motive, but let’s not blame the arts for people’s actions. This was a troubled young man, maybe instead of looking for links to movies, journalists should be looking for the problems with our mental health system and the lack of funding it is provided. Maybe we shouldn’t be looking to make America into a police state or to kick everyone out of college for sneezing but actually try to solve problems to mitigate risk. Part of the bargain of living in a free society is that sometimes terrible things happen. Let’s explore the real problems instead of looking to restrict rights and blame movies for this horrible day in American history.