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Big Sports Day

The Rangers lace the skates back up and take on the Penguins in game two of their series today. After blowing a three goal lead on Friday night and then getting screwed by the refs on a bad late penalty, Tom Renney is shuffling his lineup a bit today, playing Petr Prucha in an attempt to add some speed to his fourth line. I’m also hoping to see Sean Avery drive the Pens crazy. While the league may want Sidney Crosby to win a Cup, I’d much rather see the Rangers win it. What Gary Bettman never seems to get is that when the Rangers win, the NHL becomes relevant.

The Yankees are playing in Cleveland today, they need a win to help ensure they’ll have a .500 April. Another slow start leaves me wondering why Jason Giambi hasn’t been cut outright. The Yankees have some trouble spots this year, though I think Cano will play better and Morgan Ensberg will eventually win the 1st basemen’s job. They need to start hitting with runners in scoring position.

The NFL is holding its annual draft this weekend. It reminds me that football is not too far off. So far the family teams (Cowboys, Giants, Jets) seem to be doing alright. Let’s hope the Eagles and Redskins stumble.

Sean and I will be on the couch experiencing sports overload today.


The NFL Ruined My Life

God, as Sid put it this weekend was the Footbapocalpsys. First the Coyboys lose on a bad snap extending their playoff futility to ten years. Then the Jets lose and now the Giants get beat by the Eagles! All I can root for now is injury and dashed hopes. My predictions:

1) Marty Shittenheimer will once again implode. Maybe he’ll decide to mix it up and not run the ball because that’s what everyone expects.

2) Rex Grossman won’t be prepared 100% because he’ll be thinking about a dentist appointment coming up.

3) The Eagles will continue to win and piss me off.

Beyond that I think I’m prediciting a Bears Colts Superbowl with this being the year Peyton Manning finally wins.