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NFL Week 1 Observations – Chicago Bears

So I saw an article stating that Brian Ulracher is out for the year.  It’s a shame because he’s a great player and the NFL can use guys like him on the field (who also seem to stay out of trouble off the field). The thing I didn’t get was all the talk of high expectations for the Bears.

If you had asked me what the Bears record would be before they traded for Jay Cutler I would have said 9-7 at best.  After the trade, I predict their record will be 6-10.  Yes, I think Cutler makes them worse.  Much, much worse. It’s obvious that the Packers stacked the line against Forte and decided to make Cutler beat them. What did Cutler do? Threw for a 47% completion percentage and four INTs.

On the other hand, I think the Jaguars might be in better shape this year. It looks like their defense might be back on track and allow them to sneak into the playoffs.  My end of the year predicition is that the Bears will finish with fewer wins than the Jags.


Jon Gruden is out of his Mind

I have no idea whether Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Florida Gators and Heisman Trophy winner, will be any good in the NFL.  The kid has a lot of talent and desire so it’s always a possibility.  Former NFL coach Jon Gruden, however, thinks the kid will revolutionize the pro game.  Why does he think this?  Because Gruden thinks Tebow can run the option in the NFL.

Jon Gruden has lost his mind.  The option works in college and high school because it allows one kid (the quarterback) who is far more talented than the other kids to match up well on a one-to-one basis.  Typically they’re good enough athletes that they can beat the other team’s defense on their own.  In the NFL, this isn’t the case.

I’ve noticed that running QBs tend to get beat up in the NFL.  This leads to them slowing down a step and eventually they have to stop running first and rely on their arm.  Why do they get beat up?  Because eventually the pack will get you.  

A good analogy for NFL defenses would be a pack of dogs.  When a runner moves to the outside on a play like the option, he’s not playing one-on-one anymore.  He’s has to beat the linebackers, a cornerback, and the safeties.  This is at least 5-6 players.  Add that defensive ends are getting better at playing the run and it could be upwards of 7 opposing players who are zeroed in on one player.  Add to this that each of these defensive players were once likely the best athlete on their high school or college teams, and it goes from one superb athlete (the QB) running against a bunch of normal kids to a contest of equals.

Most one-on-one plays work in the NFL due to either a mismatch (speed vs. power) or misdirection (blocking and play fakes).  The option has a little bit of both, but relies too much on one player being better.  Tim Tebow might be better, but just because he’s big, as Gruden points out, doesn’t mean he’ll be effective.  Eventually he’ll get hit hard over and over again.  

Essentially if Gruden is right, Tebow is a glorfied Kordell Stewart (aka Slash) who was eventually replaced by the likes of Kent Graham and Tommy Maddox, neither of whom I’d call particularly talented or revolutionary in the NFL.

Big Sports Day

The Rangers lace the skates back up and take on the Penguins in game two of their series today. After blowing a three goal lead on Friday night and then getting screwed by the refs on a bad late penalty, Tom Renney is shuffling his lineup a bit today, playing Petr Prucha in an attempt to add some speed to his fourth line. I’m also hoping to see Sean Avery drive the Pens crazy. While the league may want Sidney Crosby to win a Cup, I’d much rather see the Rangers win it. What Gary Bettman never seems to get is that when the Rangers win, the NHL becomes relevant.

The Yankees are playing in Cleveland today, they need a win to help ensure they’ll have a .500 April. Another slow start leaves me wondering why Jason Giambi hasn’t been cut outright. The Yankees have some trouble spots this year, though I think Cano will play better and Morgan Ensberg will eventually win the 1st basemen’s job. They need to start hitting with runners in scoring position.

The NFL is holding its annual draft this weekend. It reminds me that football is not too far off. So far the family teams (Cowboys, Giants, Jets) seem to be doing alright. Let’s hope the Eagles and Redskins stumble.

Sean and I will be on the couch experiencing sports overload today.

Way to Go Marbury

Stephon Starbury Marbury actually defended Michael Vick recently saying that he “fell into a bad situation” and that dogfighting was a “sport.” What a moron! I’m all for giving someone (especially in high profile, public cases) due process and their day in court. Vick, however is about to plead guilty to this mess.

It’s time these star athletes learn that dog fighting is a crime. It’s a sick, sick crime. It’s not a little mistake, it’s not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a big deal! It’s sad because, having always thought Vick was over rated, I was looking forward to him having a long career with little to no playoff success.

Dog Fighting a Crime? Who Knew??

So Ron Mexico Michael Vick the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons is in trouble over alleged dog fighting at a home he owns. The best part of this story is that now other idiots players are coming to his defense. Clinton Portis a running back for the Washington Redskins doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal. His logic is that it happened on Vick’s private property. Let’s see, that means the following crimes are now justified in Portisland:
-Wife beating
-Meth labs
-Cock fights
-Kiddie Porn

Wouldn’t it be nice if these guys just kept their mouths shut and played the game? Vick is so overrated and Portis hasn’t done shit since he left the Broncos and Mike Shannahan’s system (where my grandmother could run for a 1,000 yards). I hope Roger Goodell keeps suspending these morons until they get it. We don’t want to see their “bad boy” behavior on or off the field. Just do your job and shut up. I don’t care how cool you think you are, how tough you think you are, or want to see you strut your stuff on and off the field.

The NFL Ruined My Life

God, as Sid put it this weekend was the Footbapocalpsys. First the Coyboys lose on a bad snap extending their playoff futility to ten years. Then the Jets lose and now the Giants get beat by the Eagles! All I can root for now is injury and dashed hopes. My predictions:

1) Marty Shittenheimer will once again implode. Maybe he’ll decide to mix it up and not run the ball because that’s what everyone expects.

2) Rex Grossman won’t be prepared 100% because he’ll be thinking about a dentist appointment coming up.

3) The Eagles will continue to win and piss me off.

Beyond that I think I’m prediciting a Bears Colts Superbowl with this being the year Peyton Manning finally wins.