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National Asshole Year

As I type this, my beloved Yankees are getting the parade they deserve down the Canyon of Heroes.  I was there in 1998 and the parade is amazing and lovely. It brings to mind something my wife said to me yesterday as I left the house in my Yankees jacket, “so it today national asshole day?” She said this because she realized I was about to walk proudly out of the house and boast about my team’s 27th World Championship.

Logo of Legends and Champions

Speaking with my cousin, I realized it’s not one day, it’s now National Asshole Year.  What does this mean? It means I am going to enjoy it until the World Series winner is crowned next year. I am going to remind every Red Sox fan I see that the natural order to the universe has returned. I am going to be a Yankees fan when there is no baseball being played. I am going to boast about my team and make up for nine years of abuse and questions like, “how can you like THAT team,” and “don’t you think the Yankees should let someone else win,” and “the Yankees just buy talent, anyone could do that.”

So today I say to all non-Yankees baseball fans out there… EAT IT: the New York Yankees are WORLD CHAMPIONS.


World Series Bound

I’ve been neglecting this blog as of late.  I’m not entirely sure why, maybe I haven’t had as much to rant about. Either way, I’ve noticed that this blog is at its best when I rant or talk about sports. Today, I’m going to talk about sports.

While there are still four more games to win, the New York Yankees are World Series bound. While the Phillies are a great team and I’m expecting a tough series, I’d like to say to all of those anti-Yankees people out there:  SUCK IT. I LOVE that the Yankees have the highest payroll, the best players, and have just won their 40th AL pennant. I LOVE IT. I don’t ever want another team to win. EVER.

You see, that’s the difference between the Yankees and the rest of the AL. They get that the only thing worth anything is winning the world series. That’s it. I put up with losing in hockey and basketball so I’m entitled to a winning baseball team.

And guess what? If he continues to hit I’ll fall in love with A-Rod. Yes, the man I hated and thought was a big choker has been pretty damn good lately. If he keeps this up, I’ll sing his praises.  Why? Because Yankees fans love winners above all else.

Today I am very very very very happy.

NFL Week 1 Observations – Chicago Bears

So I saw an article stating that Brian Ulracher is out for the year.  It’s a shame because he’s a great player and the NFL can use guys like him on the field (who also seem to stay out of trouble off the field). The thing I didn’t get was all the talk of high expectations for the Bears.

If you had asked me what the Bears record would be before they traded for Jay Cutler I would have said 9-7 at best.  After the trade, I predict their record will be 6-10.  Yes, I think Cutler makes them worse.  Much, much worse. It’s obvious that the Packers stacked the line against Forte and decided to make Cutler beat them. What did Cutler do? Threw for a 47% completion percentage and four INTs.

On the other hand, I think the Jaguars might be in better shape this year. It looks like their defense might be back on track and allow them to sneak into the playoffs.  My end of the year predicition is that the Bears will finish with fewer wins than the Jags.

Manny = Cheater

So, for all the Red Sox fans out there who have been giving Yankees’ fans a hard time.  Eat it!  Manny is on steroids and you know he didn’t just start last week. I’m guessing that Ortiz gave it up, thus the slump. 

Say what you will abou the Yankees but at least I know that during the World Series runs of the late 1990s that guys like Paul O’Neil or Tino Martinez weren’t juiced up. It’s nice to know that the Red Sox won their World Series through cheating.

Red Sox Go Back to Look of Losers

The Boston Red Sox have gone back to their 1980s loser uniforms recently. Besides being the ugliest things I’ve seen since this wordpress dashboard, let’s hope it brings a return to the days of the Red Sox missing the playoffs, blowing routine ground balls, etc.  I hate that team so so so much.  

On another more positive note, I’m incredibly happy to see the Yankees have started building the rotation to bring them World Championship number 27.  Welcome to the Bronx CC.

More Anti-Yankees Propoganda

So I’ve seen this story a few times, in a few different versions on the Internet.  It involves a man who was supposedly ejected from Yankee Stadium for getting up during the singing of God Bless America. I keep seeing this story over and over and it pisses me off.

Having been at Yankee Stadium recently (in August) I actually got up during God Bless America, went to the bathroom, got an ice-cream and a coke. There were actually plenty of people mulling about, especially on the upper deck (where I went to get the ice cream) and none of us were being kicked out by security.

I have a theory about this story, it’s more anti-Yankees propoganda. This guy admitted to being a Red Sox fan, that makes him an immediate douche bag retard. I’m sure his behavior had more to do with him getting kicked out than the timing of his trip to the bathroom. Let’s stop spreading this urban legend.

Trade Deadline

I always tell people who talk about the Yankees doing poorly and the Red Sox doing well, “it’s not August yet.”  It always seems that August is the month where the Yankees’ bewitch the Red Sox into losing and I love it.  This year, on the last day of July, the Red Sox shot themselves in the foot by trading problem child Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers.

I love watching the Red Sox self-destruct.