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Hiatus Here, Where to Find Me Elsewhere

This site was my first real foray into blogging.  Often my thoughts have been roughly formed, uncategorized, and under developed. While I still have these thoughts, I’ve found myself focusing my blogging more and more lately.  What does that mean?  It means that I’m going to be focusing my writing in other places.  If you’d like to continue reading anything I write, please feel free to follow me:

For scattered thoughts and miscellany go to The Molloy-verse

For my thoughts, reviews, and complaints on traveling go to Delayed Again

To check out the progress (or lack thereof) in my garden, check out GreenGardn

To see what my wife is cooking, go to What Shannon’s Cooking

And to read my thoughts on sports (and specifically the New York Yankees) check out Yankees Bench



Are there any people out there reading the rants on this website?  Considering changing the focus.  Please leave feedback as a comment to this post.

test two

This is the second test of wordpress for android.

Ruined My Blog?

Apparently thanks to one or two posts a while back, I seem to get more readers who are focused on why Florida is or is not a good place to live than anything else.

To be honest, I’m trying to think about what to do with this blog and whether I need a relaunch or just keep ranting from time to time.

A Simple Way to Fix The Economy

Stop spending more than you make.  Throw out your credit cards, pay your bills, and don’t wait for Uncle Sam to save you.  You don’t need three lattes a day, you don’t need that big car, you don’t need $300 jeans and sun glasses.  You’re not rich so don’t spend like you are. 

Oh, and it would be nice if the government did some regulation to.

We Interupt this Rant…

To announce the birth of my son Sean.  He was born on Saturday at 9:26am and is the most wonderful creature I’ve ever set eyes on.   People have said to me how great having kids is, but I couldn’t imagine it would be this great. 

Police State

This is the most frightening video I have ever seen.  Why?  Because the student in question was on public property and was arrested for exercising his free speech.  The police officers in this video (as well as the organizer of the event) deserve to be fired and thrown in jail.  John Kerry should be ashamed!  I voted for him and now I kind of regret it.