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A Rant I Forgot Yesterday

So I got so worked up complaining about Fox and their coverage yesterday that I totally forgot to complain about Wal-mart. While I’m already against shopping there for various reasons, I have a new reason to greatly dislike them. It’s only November 4th and they’re already advertising for Christmas.

I thought we had an unwritten understanding with retailers that they wouldn’t start this nonsense until after Thanksgiving. ¬†When did the day after Halloween become the start of the Christmas season?? I’m making a vow to not shop for Christmas before Thanksgiving and to shun retailers that try to shove it down my throat before then.

If we don’t stop this now, they’ll be trying to advertising Christmas the Tuesday after Labor Day in ten years.


Happy Thanksgiving Part II

Happy Thanksgiving, especially to those of you who spent time with people you love. For those of you who decided to start shopping today let me just say that you’re everything that’s wrong with America (outside of the entire states of Florida and Ohio).

To the retailers open today, including Sears… I’m now going to go out of my way to avoid buying any Christmas presents at your stores. How DARE you require employees to be away from friends and family today. My favorite quote was from a Sears spokeswoman:

“Some people just can’t wait until Friday,” said Kirsten Whipple, a Sears spokeswoman. “Thanksgiving dinner is done and they have moved on.”

All I can say is what a crass fucking idiot.