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Good Bye, You Won’t Be Missed. Now Please Shut Up.

Just a short note to mention the retirement of loudmouth Curt Schilling. Please drift away and shut your pie hole. I never liked you and had zero respect for you. Go live a quiet life in relative obscurity. Go Yankees!

Of course, notice how ESPN is already bowing down to Curt thanks to its pro-Red Sox bias


Good Riddance

So Curt Schilling announced he would undergo season-ending shoulder surgery that could also possibly end his career. While they’re in there, could one of the surgeons also wire shut his jaw too?

Shut up Shut up Shut up

For some reason I can’t stand a single word that comes out of this guy’s mouth. Personally, I think there are a lot of holes in the Mitchell Report. Some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. I would think that a player would express sadness or frustration over the possibility of cheating while maintaining his own innocence and then stop commenting.  Surprisingly he doesn’t seem to blame baseball officials, the league, the union, etc. who never asked for more testing.  He just says that a Yankee should give back his Cy Young awards.

I guess I should be most surprised by my own reaction. I already know that EVERY time Curt Schilling opens his mouth I want to jump out the window. I should just ignore this idiot and wait for the day he retires and no one listens to him or publishes what he has to say anymore. For now, I’m going to focus my attention on more important sports issues like getting Isiah Thomas fired.