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I Wash Myself with a Rag on a Stick

I was trying to figure out what to say about this article but then read the quote “I ain’t that fat, I’m only 277” and figured it all stood for itself. With Kenya exploding, Iraq slipping out of the news, and the Presidential campaign well underway this is what passes for news. What a great place we live.


David Hasselhoff

I never thought watching David Hasselhoff eat a cheeseburger could be so interesting. What is it with these celebrities? I realize that they’re under the microscope so anything they do is amplified and exposed. The thing is, I don’t videotape myself eating like this and I don’t think most other, normal people do. I might have to watch him on that show he’s going to be on now just to see if he has a freak out.

I wonder, was he eating an In-N-Out Burger?. If so, that could explain the intoxication. That’s a pretty good burger.

Ongoing Travels

Greetings from Las Vegas!  I am tired and the trip is just about half done.  I’m at the point where all I want to do is come back to my room and read my book or one of the many New Yorkers in my bag.  My travel companions are interesting to say the least.  The one won’t shut up.  She claims she has a connection to everyone in the world.  Name a topic and her mom’s aunt’s doctor knows the guy that did it. 

 My favorite was yesterday we needed some breakfast.  Someone at the hotel mentioned that there was an IHOP up the road and they both turned their noses up to it.  The mantra of the trip is, “can’t we find a healthy alternative?”  I think my answer is going to be no.  Yesterday they were both 25 minutes late checking out of the hotel.  When we got to the airport they were like, wow I didn’t expect a line.  I did, that’s why I said let’s leave at 5am.  I sure as shit wasn’t doing it for my health.

 In the grand scheme of things I guess it could be worse, I just find it very frustrating.  They’re not very flexible and start freaking out when there isn’t a to-the-second plan for everything such as dinner.  I wish this generation would figure out that they’re not the center of the universe.  They needed dads like Alec Baldwin to yell at them, that would set them straight.  Sigh.

 Oh, and I apparently ate in the pressence of Carey Hart whoever the hell that is. So there is the celebrity sighting for the trip so far.

American Idle

So Sanjaya lives and the people who have too much free time and no taste or responsibilities in the world are going apeshit crazy. Today, I noticed that Yahoo! had something on their main page and people are really upset about this Sanjaya thing.

Come on people, get over yourself. The idiots who won in the past aren’t any good. Milli Vanilli sold a lot of records too and they SUCKED. Go listen to your Clay Aiken records and read Teen People and USA Today and think that you’re in touch with culture and the arts in your own little delusional world. The rest of us are going to have fun screwing with the show and watching it go down in flames. LONG LIVE SANJAYA.

I wonder if the woman on a hunger strike against Sanjaya has croaked yet? Eat a Cheesburger for Sanjaya! (or if you’re Catholic eat a Filet O’ Fish with Cheese today).

Asshole of the Week

So, just when I thought the New Jersey state legislature was the Asshole of the Week, I’ve discovered the woman who is hungerstriking against Sanjaya on American Idol. Below is a news article on this moron…

“> No Soup for You!

She’s also on MySpace. You can read J’s blog here

For once, I think I’m completely shocked into silence. I understand protesting war, injustice, inhumanity, goverments, laws, etc. But to risk your health because of a TV show, and a bad one at that? I don’t think that those people who worship the Evil Pagan God Clay Aiken would even go that far.

So, once again, to assist nature and Darwinism, I ask that you visit Vote for the Worst to help continue this and any other hunger strike out there. In the meantime, I’d like to suggest everyone to Eat a Cheesburger for Sanjaya. It’s very easy to do, any cheese will work (cheddar, provelone, munster, montery jack, etc.) and it will make you happy.