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On to Round Two

So the Rangers have beaten Fatso and the Devils to win the series five four games to one (sorry, lack of sleep=bad math skills). While Versus continues it’s poor, limited coverage of the NHL playoffs, the Times’ hockey blog has been one of the best media outlets. It covered Sean Avery calling Brodeur “Fatso,” and posted a number of videos questioning the fatherhood of the Boston Bruins’ captain and equating Alex Kovalev to Sampson. Check out the videos in this post, they’re fantastic.


NHL and Violence

Once again, journalists are trying to question why there is fighting in the NHL. Today, ESPN, that wonderful network that dropped the NHL and does little to promote it featured an article on its website covering the topic. There is a quick an easy answer to this… fighting is GOOD for hockey and the NHL.  Personalities, trash talking, fighting, etc. create buzz and exitement around the game.  Hockey is not just about goal scoring and speed, it’s a working man’s game.  It’s a game of hitting and strategy.  It’s a game where if you make a mistake, the other team makes you pay for it. 

What’s bad for hockey and the NHL?  A few things…  higher scores, Gary Bettman, the instigator penalty for fighting, lack of television coverage in the U.S., and Gary Bettman.