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This is What Fox Calls Broadcasting?

So I’m holding off commentary on the play in the world series as I’m currently tense and enthralled by how the Yankees and the Phillies are playing.  It’s really been a good series except for one thing… the Fox announcers.

Now, I’ve never been a Tim McCarver hater and I’ve always thought Joe Buck was, at worst, bland. They’re doing a barely adequate job, though I wish they had someone like Joe Morgan in the booth to talk through the baseball situations. I’m not 100% sure McCarver knows what is going on with his horrible dye job.

That aside, are you telling me that Fox can’t do a better job with its pre-game? How many horrific promos for Avatar or Family Guy spin offs (that show should have stayed canceled) can they shove in? How on Earth does MLB allow Fox to massacre the pre-game? What’s wrong you ask?  Well:

  • Chris Rose is an empty suit with no clue how to control the idiots he’s been saddled with.
  • Karros, Grace, and Ozzie are a holocaust unto themselves. These are supposed to be men who know baseball and instead spend the entire time yucking it up. A friend suggests I watch the MLB channel pre-game, I think I will.
  • They’ve married promos with old game footage and made nonsense. Where are the past highlights? Where are the stats? Where is the talk of baseball? I guess Fox figures a grand introduction theme is enough to pay its respects to the World Series, but I even saw those damn dancing robots from the NFL coverage.

Even the NY Times (who is providing the BEST coverage I have seen) can’t stand the Fox coverage.  In their Live Analysis from Game Four, they wrote:

Update | 8:34 p.m. The rain on Saturday night killed any chance of the ceremonial introduction of the players at Citizens Bank Park. The ritual was carried out tonight, but Fox ignored it. Oh, you sort of saw it occurring in the background of the bland pregame show, with Chris Rose, Mark Grace, Ozzie Guillen and Eric Karros. Rather than focus on the introductions, viewers heard Karros and Grace utter banalties and Rose tell Guillen, the moonlighting White Sox manager, that the exuberant Phillies fans “are cheering for you” because he picked Philadelphia to win. Really? I know what I wanted to watch — and this wasn’t it. I like to see each player introduced. I think most fans do, too. I wasn’t thrilled to watch the “keys to the game” from Cleveland, the animated star of Fox’s latest cartoon series or to see that the opening tease to the pregame show consisted of scenes from the series edited with scenes from the new film “Avatar,” a film from Twentieth Century-Fox.–R.S.

I wish some other network would take the World Series away from Fox AND demand that the games end earlier. It seems to me that our national past time should offer games that a 10 year old be allowed to stay up for. I say, let’s schedule the games so they end by 10:30.

WORST SPORTS COVERAGE EVER (well since the TBS baseball coverage).


Insane People Don’t Get Joke

So David Letterman is catching hell from a vocal minority of insane people who have turned a tasteless joke into one about child rape.  Don’t believe me, check out their site here.  How many of these people stand up and are offended when Rush Limbaugh makes crude jokes about women? How many are offended when Bill O’Reilly’s “reporting” drives an insane person to shoot a doctor in church?

I have no problem if you think David Letterman is an asshole and want to boycott his show and advertisers now.  Just be honest about it.  It’s not because he made a joke about a 14 year old (which he didn’t), it’s because he made fun of  Sarah Palin.

If anything, Republicans should hope and pray that Sarah Palin vanishes. Most centrists in the country are afraid of politicians like her. I might have voted for McCain if he picked Tom Ridge or another reasonable person as his running mate. Palin was the final nail in his campaign.

Proof of What I Already Knew

I’ve been telling people for a while that I think Beyonce is overrated and generally sucks. Howard Stern played the proof this morning. Beyonce embarrassed herself on a recent appearance on the Today Show, heard here (thanks to Cinematically Correct for finding and posting the audio). Even if you don’t like Howard Stern, it’s worth listening to.

So she sings on her own, with the help of tracks and equalizers.  How is she any different than Milli Vanilli or the other frauds out there who claim to be singers?  There was no conspiracy here, this is just the worst singing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Beyonce sucks.  I mean she really sucks and the proof is finally out there.

New York Rangers and the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Living in the south, I often hear a lot about ACC basketball. In fact, I live in the center of ACC country and constantly hear about March madness. Now that that nonsense is over, we can focus on the real tournament worth covering: the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That being said my beloved New York Rangers are leading their first round series with the New Jersey Devils 2-0. The thing that is most frustrating to me right now is that television coverage of the NHL is SO bad that I’m not able to watch all the games.

The lameness that is Versus (thanks ESPN for dropping hockey… assholes) has forced me to be a little more creative. I’ve found a great blog run by the New york Times that is not only covering the playoffs but also offered a very cool link today. Go here for a treasure-trove of information.

Let’s go Rangers, I hope to see more of you on television in the second round.

Smartest Shows My Ass

Once again Yahoo doesn’t get pop culture. They’ve picked the 10 Smartest TV Shows. All I can say is that I agree with one. ONE. What the fuck?

All in the Family was a witty, smart, subversive show that pushed the boundaries of satire in new ways that made people think. It was genius. Beyond that, I can’t see how House (basically Quincy but Rude), the West Wing, Frasier, etc. can be considered all that smart. How about some shows that actually required people to think?

The Simpsons is hands down the smartest piece of television to ever exist. It gets pop culture, it gets high culture. It makes obscure references to literature, religion, politics, history, etc. that most people don’t get. It requires a breadth of knowledge from Kissinger’s resume to the Music Man.

Futurama is close. Just more specialized to SciFi but similar to the Simpsons.

Seinfeld provided us with the quantum theory of comedy. Larry David’s writing and twisted view of the world provided us with a groundbreaking series that changed the Sitcom.

The Twilight Zone provides us with modern morality tales that few other shows have.

Other mentions could include NYPD Blue, The Phil Silvers Show, Hill Street Blues, Arrested Development, Maude, The Gong Show…

Yahoo only seemed to have come up with what appear to be the smartest shows. No wonder why they’re having such trouble competing with Google.

Messing with the World

This article illustrates a fine example of screwing with people that I love. By using the TV-B-Gone one can turn off the endless chatter of televisions anywhere you find them in public. Fantastic. Shannon was telling me that the TV was on at the Post Office last week and blathering on about the Spears family.