The List(s)

homersrevengelist1Quite often I find myself putting companies on The List, which means that most likely I’ve been incredibly displeased with them for one reason or another.  As such, I figure it’s time to finally post this list and keep it running.  However, I plan to post those who have gone above and beyond as well.

The Good List

  • – Online photo printers who do good work and actually seem to pay attention to customer sentiment.


The Banished

  • Ikea – The worst customer service in the world. It’s time to link their e-commerce and brick and mortar stores. I will never return.


2 responses to “The List(s)

  1. Florida,in a nutshell is a toilet!!

  2. Moved here from the mountains temporarily,thank god (temporarily)

    In short,dumb,crowded,minorities out the wha zoo,cops,sheriffs(what are we back in (sheriff bing,bing ricochet)troopers.drug addicts,pedophiles,scumbags,anything that slivers and crawls,school systems that suck,thieves and everything else that is bad.Oh sorry,the beaches are okay.Scammers,bad business (bullsitters) I am from the north
    you cant bullshit me just a little smarter then that.And now i know why the south lost,boy do i know now! lazy ass’es plain and simple.

    The difference between a country boy and a redneck is -a country boy loves his family- a redneck sleeps with his family!

    Plain and simple nice place to visit-but dont live here.

    and why dont they talk right? ya all,we done did it,we’s dont,and all the other stupid talk.

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